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Take Me: Twelve Tales of Dark Possession Boxed Set 
Publication date: February 3rd 2015
Genres: Adult, Romance

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Surrender to desire with 12 books by the hottest names in dark romance, including bestselling authors Pepper Winters, Anna Zaires, and Lynda Chance.

CD Reiss – Spin 
Jenika Snow – A Beautiful Prison 
Pepper Winters – Destroyed 
Skye Warren – Trust in Me 
Kendall Ryan – Unravel Me 
Anna Zaires & Dima Zales – Twist Me 
Shay Savage – Otherwise Alone Otherwise Occupied 
Amber Lin & Shari Slade – Three Nights with a Rock Star 
Pam Godwin – Deliver 
Lynda Chance – Marco’s Redemption 
Gemma James – Torrent

These e-books would cost over $40 if purchased separately. This set will only be 99 cents until release, so pre-order your copy now!


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Destroyed by Pepper Winters

It was the best kiss I’d ever received, but also the worst. It sparked lust and need in every inch of me. My 

lips wanted more, my tongue wanted savagery. My skin wanted to bruise because he needed to touch 

me so badly.

All my thoughts disappeared as I nipped at his bottom lip. He flinched, but a second later he copied, his 

sharp canines piercing my oversensitive flesh.

I moaned.

I couldn’t take it.

My hands flew up and gripped his shirt. Yanking him toward me, fireworks whizzed in my fingertips; my 

heart galloped toward exploding with lust. I’d never been so drunk on someone before.

Then I landed flat on my back.

The crack of my skull jangled my teeth. The thick carpet did little to cushion me. My eyes flared wide and 

I grunted in pain. Fear, hot and terrible, swamped my lust in a dampening wave.

“Top rule. Unbreakable rule. Don’t. Ever. Touch. Me.” Fox kneeled on one knee beside my head, 

breathing hard. His hand noosed my throat, pressing my spine into the carpet. His eyes were cold and 

lifeless, looking like a hunter intent on blood. –HAZEL

Three Nights with a Rock Star by Amber Lin and Shari 


Hailey forced herself to stand still for his leisurely perusal. Even when he stood and stalked toward her, 

she managed to hold on to her dignity—whatever dregs she had left after donning these clothes and 

almost falling on her face. But his smile hit her like a blast of heat, blinding her, scalding her. He looked 

far too pleased with himself, like a man about to get everything he wanted. And her shaky insides 

warned she might just give it to him.

“What do you mean?” she asked, proud her voice didn’t quaver too much.

“You want to stay here while we’re in Chicago,” he said. “To stay here for three days, to blend in so that 

no one questions why you’re here. To ask questions, poke around.”

Yes, that was exactly what she wanted. So why did her nod feel like surrender? As if she’d agreed to his 

terms before she even knew them. But then maybe she did know what his terms would be. His eyes 

spoke the words his lips had yet to say. There were volumes of gold-flecked pages filled with all that 

sensual knowledge. They promised delight and, even better, a hard bite to the exchange. Where the 

men she had been with were a fresh spring breeze, he stood before her like the calm before the storm, 

his eyes darkening clouds.

“Can you…” She licked her lips. His gaze tracked the movement, making her feel hunted. “Can you help 


His expression softened. Just the slightest degree, but it was enough to slow the hammering of her 

heart. This was the same kind man she’d met in the lobby. Desire had given him a rough edge, turning 

his loping gait into a prowl, making his nostrils flare—scenting her. But he was still kind inside.

When he didn’t answer, she searched for whatever strength she might have found. You want… he’d 

said, listing her terms. Only his terms were left to be stated. A negotiation, then. But even as she 

thought the words, an image flashed through her mind, a gazelle caught from behind, the vicious beauty 

of her captor feasting in a National Geographic special.

“What do you want?” she whispered, and somehow the wall was at her back. He was at her 

front…crowding her…embracing her?

“You,” he snarled. “Under me. Over me. On your knees in front of me. I get full artistic license to your 

body for three days.”

His words pounded her like hail, leaving dents and then pooling in the hollows left behind. They 

drowned out the rest of the world and shook the floor. She began to shake too—but her gaze remained 

locked with his. The shaking was on the inside, fear and a strange longing warring inside her, a battle to 

the death. She stood frozen, caught in his sights and too terrified to run. Too curious to walk away.

He stepped back, sending a wash of crisp hotel air over her body. She sucked in a breath and 

immediately missed the earthy scent of him.

“And you,” he continued conversationally, “will have total access to play Nancy Drew in the hotel. That 

is, whenever I’m not using you.”

Her body lit up when he said the word using. It imploded on you, spoken with such self-assured 

possession. What was wrong with her that she wanted to be used? Maybe because she wanted to be 

free to enjoy sex, to really explore it, for the first time in her tame little life. Maybe because he would be 

the one using her, and he seemed like he would know just what to do with her.

This was a bad idea. For reasons that weren’t quite coming to her at the moment. But she knew it was 

bad. If she’d said it once, she’d said it a thousand times to her preschoolers: don’t make decisions when 

you’re angry. Though she wasn’t angry. She was concerned. And frustrated. And…

God, Chloe, why? After I worked so freaking hard so you could start college, why couldn’t you be more 


Okay, she might be angry.

She swallowed. So maybe this weekend could be for her too. She would find the baby’s father, but she’d 

also find something for herself.

With a deep breath, she struggled for levity. A lopsided tilt of her lips was all she could manage. “Where 

do I sign?” she joked.

His grin widened, revealing an even row of white teeth. The Cheshire cat had just such a smile. “I’m so 

glad you asked. I have blank copies of my contract in the side table. Right next to the lube.”


1. Can you introduce yourself and tell us what kind of books you write?

Sure, my name is Pepper Winters. I speak with an English accent, have been lucky enough to live in a few 

countries around the world, and love to write dark, twisted love stories while in my PJ’s. I’m married to a 

French Canadian and have a house rabbit. That’s about it. With regards to my writing, I’ve always loved 

getting into the heads of people. I love to twist their darkest desire and confront their greatest fear. I 

find it brings a much deeper story into life. However, I’m about to release a Contemporary Romance 

that won’t be dark and I’m enjoying writing it immensely.

2. What inspired you to write the book included in Take Me?

Destroyed was, and still is to this day, the hardest book I’ve had to write. It took a lot out of me. The 

characters didn’t behave and the plot line went in a completely different direction than the one I 

intended. I fought it every step—which made it incredibly hard to write. However, the book went on 

to hit the USA Today Bestseller, Indie Choice, and earned me a publishing deal with Grand Central 

(Hachette) publishing. So even though it took so much out of me, it gave back so much more.

3. Who is your favorite character that you’ve written and why?

My favourite character to date. That’s an exceedingly hard question. Mainly because each book I 

write there is something I love about each character. However, if I have to pick, I’m going to 

break the rules a little and choose two. Q Mercer from Monsters in the Dark Series will always 

have a piece of my heart. He’s so damaged but so strong. So twisted but so loyal. I loved getting 

into his headspace. I’m also falling for Jethro Hawk from the Indebted Series. He has a lot 

beneath the surface and my heart breaks for him with what he has to deal with.

4. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Hardest part is my eyesight currently. Before, I could stare at a screen for 18 hours a day with no 

problem. Now, I have to wear glasses and they get tired very quickly. I can write very fast when 

I’m in the zone (up to 13,000 words a day) but unless my eyes are focusing, it’s hard. I’m lucky 

that I don’t really deal with writer’s block. If I do, I’ll get my notepad and pen out and do some 

plotting. That always helps get me back on track.

5. Tell us about your upcoming release!

I have a few coming out. 2015 is going to be my busiest year yet. I have Second Debt (Indebted 

#3) coming out on the 26th Jan, followed by Third Debt (Indebted #4), Forbidden Flaws 

(Contemporary Romance), Ruin & Rule (MC Romance 28th July), Fourth Debt (Indebted #5), Je 

suis a toi (Monsters in the Dark Novella), Final Debt (Indebted #6). Busy year! The Indebted 

Series are a dark romance dealing with diamonds, debts, and unwavering loyalties.


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