Title: You Shook Me All Night Long Series: Scorned Lovers #1
By: Simone Harlow
Publication Date: January, 2017
Cover Designer: Mayhem Cover Creations
Genre: NA Romance
Scorned rhythm guitarist Travis Rexford is lost. After the unexpected death of his best friend and fellow band member he can’t find his music anymore. His band is on the verge of breaking up. Then one night a beautiful, mysterious, seductive woman steps into his life. The next morning- she’s gone. Determined to find her, woo her, and claim her again, he is a man on mission. Charlotte Lambert is still reeling from the tragic death of her twin sister. The last gift her sister gave her is a to do list to get her back into the business of living. Tell a lie, steal something, climb a mountain... sleep with a rock star? Determined to get out of the rut of mourning, she finds a sexy bad boy rocker and takes him to bed. Then she slips quietly into the morning light not looking back. But life has a funny way of turning on you. Travis finds his enigmatic siren and under the sex kitten veneer he saw on their one night stand is a sweet, kind, gentle woman who is in just as much pain as he is. He brings her home and they begin the process of healing. Their losses brought them together, but can they heal each other and find the will to go on? The only way you can find what you want is to get lost.

***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Naomi / Scandalous Book Blog***

I loved this story not only was it fun, it was heartfelt and emotional.
Their story wasn't always easy and at times I cried but this just added to the thrill of the read.
I cant wait for whats next from this author.

This a tale of how opposites attract. Charlotte and Travis are thrown together and their chemistry is electrifying.

Charlotte is the good girl, living by the rules and very straight laced. When her sister who was dying of cancer gives her a 'TO-DO List' it was easy to ignore but now she has gone she feels compelled to complete it.

Travis is the Guitarist of the band Scorned, but since loosing his best friend he is lost. He cant do it anymore. Making the decision to quit the band wasn't easy but its the best he can come up with.

One night together changes everything for both of them. They give one another the strength to be true to themselves. Together the discover the desire to live again.

They may be together and happy but not everyone is happy for them....

Can they make it as a couple?
Will they let others tear them apart?
Once upon a time Simone Harlow decided to write a book. She never understood why she had to write a book she just did. She has a great life. A family that loves her. Friends she can mother. And a dog who thinks she’s his reason for living. (No, really, he told her so.) She should be content. But alas she still had to write that book. So she did, and it was the beginning of an excellent adventure.
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