Title: I Can Explain
Series: Awkward Love #2
Author: Missy Johnson
Genre: Romance
Release Date: February 15, 2018


Standing on the balcony, outside my boss’s apartment, wearing only my underwear?

Not how I expected to start my Saturday morning.

I guess I should’ve thought harder about going home with my sexy new gym instructor, especially since I had no idea the guy was married. When he pushed me out onto the balcony, five seconds before his wife walked through the door, I jumped one apartment over because I thought it would be less embarrassing for a stranger to find me than his wife.

That was a smart move.

So here I am, wearing next to nothing and freezing my ass off, standing outside the living room window of my young, sexy, and very intimidating boss, Chase Winston.

I have two choices: I sit here and try to think of another way out of this and risk dying of hypothermia. Or I can suck it up and knock on that window. After a long, internal argument with myself, I choose
option two.

Here goes nothing…

**Awkward Love is a series of short, sexy, fun novels that can be read in ANY order. Each book is COMPLETELY separate from the next, so you can read one, or you can read them all!**

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“Seriously, did you see the way she looked at me when she told me not to stuff it up?” I huff, stalking back over to Peyton. “Like, God forbid I put two sugars in his damn coffee instead of one. Hey, maybe I should slip some laxatives in there?” I say with an evil grin. “I mean, he walks around like he’s got something lodged up his ass, maybe all he needs is a good, old-fashioned cleanout.”


“No. I don’t care how ridiculously sexy he is or how dreamy those blue eyes are to stare into,” I say, cutting her off.

I was on a roll, and Peyton wasn’t going to stop me. I have two years’ worth of frustration to vent, and it’s all coming out now, one way or another.

“He’s an asshole to everyone here but Jade, and I bet that’s only because she’s sucking his cock. Not that I wouldn’t go there if he asked me to—”

“Lanna,” Peyton hisses, her eyes wide.

“Oh, come on, like you wouldn’t suck his cock too,” I retort, nodding knowingly at her. “Hey, maybe we could tag team him.”

We’d had a lengthy discussion about this a few weeks ago over a bottle of tequila, so I knew exactly what she wanted to do with that ten inches of pure stiff muscle. And I thought I was the dirty one. I
chuckle to myself and turn around. My heart skips a beat when I spot Chase leaning against Jade’s desk. He smirks at me and casually lifts one eyebrow.

Oh, god no.

My heart pounds as I wait for him to react. This can’t be happening. I cannot believe I just said that. Well, I can believe it, because I say shit like that every day, but not when he’s standing right behind me. I glare at Peyton, who releases a snort and then flushes, bowing her head. Chase’s eyes don’t leave me as I glance around the room, praying for an escape, but there isn’t one.

It’s like a scene from a really bad movie. With any luck, he’ll drag me outside and throw me on the back of his bike and take me somewhere to have his way with me. Or his office will do just fine.

“Is Jade here?” he asks, directing his question at me, his smooth, deep voice making me shiver.

I shake my head, incapable of speaking. I think it’s worse that he’s ignoring the obvious issue of my outburst. I’d almost prefer for him to say something about it. Anything. Almost... He nods, and then walks over to the door, stopping just as he reaches it. I brace myself as he turns his attention back to me.

“Alana?” he asks.

I force myself to meet his steel blue eyes, wishing he didn’t find this so damn amusing.

“Yes?” I whisper, feeling sick. God, I am so embarrassed.

 “While I appreciate your attentiveness to my health, I can assure you that everything is functioning just as it should. Maybe you should focus more on your job and less on things that don’t concern you?” he asks lightly. “Like who is and isn’t sucking my cock.”

He walks out, briskly closing the door behind him.

I stumble over to my desk and slump down onto my chair, my eyes wide. I breathe out, feeling dazed. My heart’s racing and I’m feeling a mixture of extreme nausea and embarrassment over the whole situation. Every time I think about what I just said, more or less to his face, I
want to throw up.

Peyton rushes over to me, both panicked and trying not to laugh, which under any other circumstance would be a funny combination. I glare at her, which sets her off.

“I’m so sorry,” she giggles, shaking her head. “I swear I’m not laughing at you, but that just made my fucking day.”

“I’m glad I can be a source of amusement for you,” I grumble, my tone sour.

“At least he knows your name now.” she offers, her eyes twinkling.

I scowl at her. I think I preferred it when he didn’t.

Lauren's Review
***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review – Lauren / Scandalous Book Blog***
I can explain 
Author: Missy Johnson
Rating: 5 *
What can i say other than i loved this book! Everything about it was perfect, great storyline which flowed effortlessly, characters i fell in love with and just the right balance of anticipation, chemistry and passion. 
Alana has stuck at her job as assistant to the bosses assistant for two years hoping that someone will notice what huge potential she has, but here she is still collecting coffee and dry cleaning for Chase Winston. After probably her worst day at the company so far Alana vents to her colleague and best friend Peyton only to be overheard by Chase himself, could it get any worse? Deciding to cheer herself up she manages to bag herself a date with her hot gym instructor Jake, the dates going ok but Alana can’t stop thinking about her boss, wanting to get him completely out of her head she decides to go home with Jake. Things are just getting interesting when Jakes wife returns home unexpectedly and Alana is pushed out onto the balcony in the rain in nothing but her underwear with no other option but to climb over to the neighbouring apartment to escape. 
Chase may be a billionaire, owning his own company but its been hard work to get there. His parents died in a car crash when he was 9 years old leaving behind himself and his little brother Jake. Since then Chase has been protecting his brother, more than Jake knows, but when Chase finds his wife and his brother together his world falls apart. Unable to get over their betrayal he closes his heart off to anyone else throwing himself into his work. After pulling an all nighter he’s finally just sat down when he hears a noise out on the balcony, suspecting a burglar he jumps in to action only to find Alana in her underwear, well he certainly wasn’t expecting that! 
Offering Alana a new job the pair become closer, both weary due to passed experiences but the relationship soon grows with each forming feelings for the other but Chase isn’t telling Alana the whole truth about his past and as always it comes back to bite him, making Alana doubt everything that has happened between them. Can Chase win her back? 
The element i loved most about this book is the anticipation between the two lead characters which builds through out the story. We all no how the book will end but i loved the journey to get there and Missy Johnson kept me gripped all the way to the end with the curve balls thrown in along the way, I couldn’t stop reading! Chase is a strong alpha male but of course everything is not as it seems and Alana is the perfect women to break down his defences. 
I highly recommend this book and hope to read more from this author. 

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Author Bio

Missy lives in a small town in Central Victoria with her husband, and her confused pets (a dog who think she's a cat, a cat who thinks he's a dog...you get the picture).

When she's not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

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