Carver: Past Lies
by K.L. Donn

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Genre: Dark Romance
Series: Adair Empire, Book 5

Model/Photographer: Nathan Hainline
Cover Design: Sensual Graphic Designs

I saw her.

She's mine.


Will stop me.

The Adair Empire is a dark and graphic romance that will push your buttons, and maybe your boundaries. Each book contains a new couple but ends with a plot cliff-hanger.

One hour.

Sixty minutes.

Three thousand, six hundred seconds.

Small inconsequential numbers. They mean nothing. They are nothing.

To the average man.

I'm not your average man. I'm a killer. A righter of many wrongs. On a good day I'm your judge, jury, and executioner. On a bad day, I'm your worst nightmare. I'll make you wish for death while praying for the devil. Nothing scares me. 

Not a fucking thing.

Except the last hour.

Meadow ...

Sweet, innocent, perfect Meadow.

She's mine. Has been for almost a year. King told me to back off. He swore when she was ready, I would have her. She would be Meadow-mine. Meadow would be the one and only thing in this world to belong to me and no one would take her. Hurt her.

McCray should have been dead. He was left for it. His carcass should be rotting in the wilds of Alaska. 

But he's not.

He's like a bad rash that won't fucking going away.

An right now, he has minutes to live because when I'm through with him he'll wish he'd let the wolves tear apart his dying body.

When I'm done with him, he'll pray for the end, but I won't give it.

Megan's Review 
***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review- Megan/Scandalous Book Blog***


Carver is book five in Adair Empire Series and my suggestion would be to read the other books in this series before reading Carver.  

Where do I begin?  This book gets and holds your attention from page one; and keeps you on the edge of your seat and begging for more by the end... This book was very dark, like really dark and will definitely push your buttons & boundaries.

Meadow is an innocent and a year ago her life was turned upside down with news of her step-father's past.  Secrets are revealed and Meadow and her mom are left to pick up the pieces of their destroyed family.  Meadow learns she has a half sister Lilith; Lilith is  King Adair's Queen and in a effort to rectify some of Lilith's past they unleashed an onslaught of ugly truths on Meadow and her mother.  She's angry, she's hurt and this new world (The Adair Empire) world; she not so sure she'll ever fit into.  One thing is certain she is drawn to Carver and even though he might scare others; she knows he will never harm her.  Carver is the resident enforcer for the Adair Empire the "Beast" or Boogeyman"; he has a reputation and instills fear in everyone that hears about him.  He craves blood shed and his best friend is Mercy..his knife.  He is immediately drawn to Meadow; and I'm not sure that either of them realizes how instantly connected they are to one another.  

When Meadow is thrust into this violent underground world and is put through so so much; she knows one thing that Carver will find her.  But is she ready to embrace everything that he is and stand by his side?  

This book had it all darkness, sweetness, action, Emoji chemistry & so much more!  And the cliffhanger at the end has me anxiously awaiting the next installment of this series!  Read the Adair Empire Series, Read Carver..You won't be disappointed Emoji

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About the Author

Krystal is a proud Canadian girl, hailing from Sherwood Park, Alberta. She has a strong dislike for the winter, and a love spring. Married to her husband Steve, for 13 years, they have 4 beautiful red headed spawns ranging in ages 5-12. She has a strong love of coffee, sarcasm, and wine. (Not necessarily in that order either.)

Krystal loves to write about instalove between couples looking for love. She has a passion for contemporary romance and springs into menage as often as she can. Currently, she is working on 2 new series, the Adair Empire a darker, dirtier, and grittier series than what her readers are used to, but boy has she had a ton of fun writing them. The What Happens When series will begin with Anonymous Bride series will begin with Anonymous Bride and continue with untraditional love stories. Bringing you all the good feels, a ton of love, and maybe - if you're lucky ;) a surprise baby or two! 

With the exception of Anonymous Bride, and Until Arsen you'll be able to find all her books on all platforms!

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