BOOK BLITZ~~EASTEND GIRL (Corbin's Bend #2) By Etta Stark

Kirsty Beale wants a fresh start. She’s quit her life in London and moved five thousand miles to start a new one in Corbin’s Bend, Colorado – the world’s only spanking-based community. As a lifelong spanko, Kirsty thinks Corbin’s Bend is the perfect place for her but the reality doesn’t match her dreams and she struggles to fit into her new suburban environment. Reluctant to get involved in community life she dismisses her new neighbors as ‘boring’. With one exception.

Fellow newcomer Logan Barrett is good looking, funny, and occasionally dominant in a way that Kirsty can’t decide if she finds sexy or annoying. Logan moved to Corbin’s Bend hoping to find a sweet, old-fashioned girl, willing to submit to domestic discipline. Kirsty who drinks heavily, smokes and swears like a sailor is pretty much the opposite of his idea of the perfect woman. Yet despite their differences, Logan and Kirsty can’t deny the attraction they have for one another.

Logan hopes to bring stability into Kirsty’s chaotic life but Kirsty’s increasingly out-of-control behavior might just jeopardize her whole future at Corbin’s Bend.
The Un-Domestic Goddess
Kirsty, the heroine of my Corbin’s Bend book, East End Girl is nobody’s idea of a Domestic Goddess. She can’t cook, she doesn’t sew and she hates housework. Part of the inspiration for my writing her character like this was the impressively efficient homemaker skills of some of the other Corbin’s Bend residents, such as Exile to Unity’s Ange or Finding Their Bliss’s Charmagne. In fact both those women seemed remarkably proficient at getting their houses fully furnished and organised almost as soon as they moved to their new Corbin’s Bend properties. I liked the idea of writing a character who was the opposite of that. Someone who would give no consideration to sorting out buying furniture and who would be perfectly content to make do with a borrowed camp bed and no other furniture for weeks on end, simply because she couldn’t be arsed to do anything about it.
I didn’t think when I was writing it that I was particularly channelling my own feelings on the matter but life has a funny way of imitating art sometimes. (And yes, I did just refer to my spanky romance novel as ‘art’.) I bought a house recently. I had no furniture to bring with me having come from furnished rented accommodation and living back with my parents for a while. It’s now exactly a month on from collecting the keys and my furniture consists of a mattress, a couple of chairs, a folding trestle table and a makeshift sofa made out of a couple of sun-longer cushions (it’s more effective than it sounds, honest).  This doesn’t look likely to change any time soon either given that my car packed up recently rendering it impossible for me to go anywhere and purchase anything new. Plus I’m going to need to splurge a few thousand quid on a replacement vehicle.
So while Kirsty’s inability to get round to furnishing her new home was originally written as a quirk of her personality, from where I’m sitting right now (at a temporary folding trestle table, naturally) it actually seems like a perfectly sensible approach to home decorating.
Although, just for the record, unlike Kirsty I am a damn fine cook.

Etta Stark has written four erotic romances all with a distinctly spanky theme. East End Girl is her first contemporary story, the previous books are all set in the Victorian era.
She’s a huge fan of the Corbin’s Bend series and is thrilled – and a little bit intimidated – to be part of the second season. Etta lives in Surrey in England and would probably be a bit reluctant to move to a spanking community in Colorado even if it did actually exist. It would certainly make dating easier though.

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