A one night stand? Not if you arrange to have another.
When Ruth Watson finally decides to break her depressive state of singleness and get back out on the social scene, the last thing she expects to happen is meet Mr Right and share a moment of passion in the middle of the buzzing city… But she does.
After meeting Heath Berkley on her first venture out after two years of hermit like existence, Ruth’s life suddenly becomes exciting for the first time. As their meetings become more frequent, and their love affair blossoms, a common interest between the pair is found.
Agreeing to explore their unveiled kinkier sides while Heath is in town on business, Ruth finds herself rapidly slipping under his spell and craving more of him.
But when their journey into the darker side introduces them to George Randall, things take a sinister turn, and when his true identity is revealed, Ruth has a hunger for revenge.
Knowing there is only one place she wants to be, Ruth follows Heath’s disciplinary hand to the Highlands of Scotland, in hope that his healing arms will squeeze the pain and devious thoughts away. At least until she has to return to London.

 Trapped between his firm body and the tie that’s taut across my arse, I ask him if he really wants me to be a good girl tonight, touching his lips ever so slightly with every ‘O’ I pronounce.

“Hell no,” he says, before invading my mouth.
Rotating his tongue around mine, he pulls me tighter against his erection, and it brushes against my clit as I try to grind and thrust against him. Stepping back, he pulls me with him as he heads for the bed, flings me down, along with his tie, and kneels at the foot of the bed. My senses start to whirl, my head spins, my clit aches, and my mouth starts to salivate at the thought of what will happen next.
Baring both of my feet, he sucks my toes one by one. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The sensation of his slippery tongue poking through my interspaces has my core tensing and my clit stiffening. He swaps to the other foot and does exactly the same; tasting each individual toe before pushing through between my toes and making me squirm. Now at the last toe, he runs his tongue to my heel, and then slowly up my calf muscle until he meets the bottom of my pencil skirt.
“Turn over,” he growls.
 C.A.Bell was born and raised on the outskirts of London, England, but for the past three years has resided in a much more rural town of Shropshire, where she and her husband married and made a home.

C.A.Bell is currently working on her second book to follow The Architect, and aspires to be a well-known full-time author.


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