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Book: Envy
Series: Kings Of Rebellion MC #2
Author: KT Fisher
Genre: MC Romance

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When you’re finally free and living life the way you should, you don’t take it for granted and Lauren and Natasha certainly don’t. After the dreadful kidnapping, they now live happy amongst the Kings of Rebellion MC, their new found family. However, certain people don’t like that they are now free and not spending the nights in their beds. A plan comes together and it’s the innocent that always gets hurt. 
When the Devil’s come to claim what they think is theirs, can the girls escape them with the help of their men, or will they live at the hands of the Devil’s for the rest of their existence because a life at the hands of a Devil is no life at all. 

Find out in Envy

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“What the fuck?” Drew asks as Baby guides her out the door.
“Don’t bust my balls Drew, I just gotta get you home.” He explains to her and to her credit, she just and does as he says. 
“Alright!” Elise shouts. “You don’t have to pull me so hard!”
Scrappy is literally pulling Elise out the door. “Come on! I gotta get you to dads!”
She quickly sends us a wave before being dragged out the door. None of us like this, but we know they’re doing it for our own good. 
I’ve known for a few days that’s something’s not been right and this crap just proves I was right. It’s all very odd and Devlin hasn’t even approached me yet. No, he’s too busy making sure all the doors and windows are shut and locked tight.
Lauren comes to sit beside me as we watch Devlin, knowing that something serious has definitely happened. 
There’s a knock and Lauren gets up to answer but Devlin stops her is a stern quiet voice. “Go and sit down.”
Shocked, Lauren does as he says and returns to her seat next to me. “What the fuck.” She whispers.
Devlin walks up to the door. “Who is it?”
As he looks through the peep hole we hear Grim. “It’s me.”
Devlin lets him in and Grim shakes his head, not looking happy. They make sure the security cameras are on and the gates are locked at the bottom of the garden. 
“This is ridiculous.” I watch as they make their way back inside the house.
“I’m guessing Franky didn’t have good news.” Lauren adds quietly as the men walk towards us.
“Right girls, I think you two should get some sleep.” Grim suggests and I almost laugh.
“Sleep?” Lauren asks and Grim nods. “I’m not a child.”
“I wasn’t saying that, but considering what is happening I need you to go to bed.” Grim is on edge, I can tell. His senses are alive, just looking for anything out of place.
Lauren sighs, giving in. “Fine.”
“You too.” Devlin looks at me.
“Oh, you’re ready to talk now?” I cross my arms and glare up at him.
“No, not really so you need to get upstairs.” Devlin answers.
“What?” I shout.
“I didn’t mean it like that. I need to see to business but you two have to be upstairs.” He insists. 
“Come on Tash!” Lauren calls as she frowns at Grim. “Let’s just go.”
I don’t even look at Devlin as I stand and pass him. When we begin to walk up the steps, we look behind us to see that Devlin and Grim are following us up! So first they tell us to go to bed and now they’re escorting us! What the fuck is up?

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***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Naomi / Scandalous Book Blog***

This is a story of strength, friendship, family and love and boy did Kellie give us it in a big way with this book!!! This was an emotional and suspense filled read and I loved it. This book is told in different POV and we get a real sense of everyone involved.

Picking up where Karma finished the girls are free, Demon is dead and they are building their life with the people from the Kings of rebellion, their saviours.
Lauren has started to rebuild her life with Grim the Kinds VP and Natasha has also found a place where she is content and happy to call home.

When Natasha first came to the MC she was drawn to Devlin and they shared a kiss, unable to get a grip on her emotions and feelings she ran and has remained single since. But there is still a connection, he still looks at her as if he can see her soul, she still gets butterflies when their paths run close…..However after what she went through at the hands of both Striker and Demon she is scared mentally, emotionally and most of all physically, how could anyone possibly want her and see past all the marks that mar her body.

Devlin has wanted this natural beauty since he helped save her but he knows to succeed he must take things slow so not to scare her away. Being a dominant man he is adamant that she will become his old lady in the near future but for the moment he is happy with a little affection.

These two have awesome chemistry and everyone around them can see their bond is very strong. Devlin will do anything to protect Natasha and make her feel safe. Their relationship grows and they are moving in the right direction.

Demon may be dead but Striker is still very much alive and he wants his girls back, throw into the mix that the club has a rat things aren’t going to be roses for long!!!

Can the club protect the girls?
Will Lauren and Grim remain in their love bubble?
Can Devlin see past Natasha’s scars?
Will Natasha and Devlin get their HEA?

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K.T Fisher is a British romance author. 
She mostly writes about hot, delicious men in her books. They include bikers to rock stars! K.T Fisher's books are packed with hot suspense and thrilling dangers, add her signature erotic scenes and you have a steaming romance that you have to read.

If K.T Fisher isn't writing, she has her head buried in a book. She loves to hear from you, so feel free to contact her

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