Amazon Review Tour : Rough & Rugged by Hayley Faiman

Title: Rough & Rugged
Series: Notorious Devils MC 
Author: Hayley Faiman
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: September 23, 2016 
Cover Designed by: Cassy at Pink Ink Designs 

Hattie Morris is a young girl with silly dreams and a fantasy she's been holding onto since she was sixteen years old. 

"Dirty" Johnny Williams is a hard man who rides as a Notorious Devil, known for being filthy between the sheets, yet always wishing for the unattainable more.
One night, one kiss sets fate in motion, and neither Hattie, nor Johnny, can deny that their lives have been forever changed. Time and distance stand between them, but a chance encounter shatters their ability to resist each other any longer.
It's not long before Hattie realizes that fantasies are named thus for a reason, while Johnny learns that the innocence of a sweet girl is no match against his hardened heart. 
Yet, inexperienced as she may be, Hattie knows one thing for sure. If she doesn't take a chance with this rough and rugged man, she'll never know if dreams really can come true.

***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Naomi / Scandalous Book Blog***

The title of this book is spot on and Dirty Johnny doesn't disappoint. This man oozes Dirty and I fell in love with him. I was hooked from beginning to end. Johnny captured my heart. He was raw, passionate and as Alpha as they come. 2 very different people coming from 2 very different worlds and they don't just collide they bulldoze. Told in dual POV this story was fast paced and hard hitting.

 Dirty Johnny hasn't had the best but what he has now is his. He is loyal and protective but he lives a life that's only half full. He doesn't believe he deserves Love in his life, using the club whores as a means to an end he keeps his heart enclosed in a hard shell.

Hattie has lead a pretty sheltered life and as a result is a little naive. With parents and an older brother who just so happens to be a cop and very protective of her she. Her one friend isnt all that reliable and Hattie finds herself let down on more than one occasion.

At the tender age of 16 Hattie finds herself alone an hour away from home, seeking help from the teller at the garage she realises she is in a whole world of trouble. It is only when the biker comes in that she is safe from the immediate threat but this leads to a whole other problem. 

1 Chance meeting
1 Rescue
1 HOT Kiss

3 years later, Dirty & Hattie come together again. 3 years spent fantasising about one another and now they are face to face...with the attraction still there and their chemistry electrifying...

Can they stay away from one another?
What has Hattie's best friend got to do with it all?
Will Hattie break down the walls around Dirty's heart?
Will this couple get a HEA?

"Action, drama, HOT as HADES sexy times scenes, ... Rough & Rugged gets 4.5 stars from me, and I’m looking forward to the next one" ~MJ's Book Blog and Reviews 

"Hayley has once again pulled me into her world and I LOVED it. Hayley draws you right in with her writing and you will find yourself staying up late just to find out what will happen next." ~Michelle Austin (Goodreads)

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