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Title: He Owns Me
Author: J.L. Ostle
Release Date: September 5, 2016
He Owns Me Amazon eBook
Warning: this book contains disturbing situations, strong language and sexual scenes, recommended for ages over 18.
I have a party mouth. People see me as the girl who sleeps around. I am known as his girl. But things aren't always as they seem. I hide behind a charade that I created to keep people at arms length, even to the ones close to me. No one knows who I really am, not even my best friend Jonny Stone, the guy that saved me years ago. We both have messed up pasts on which we are not willing to share. He says I'm his light in his darkness, but I feel he's pulling me more into the shadows. We play games, we like to push each other to our limits but what if our limits are lines that should not be crossed? Am I willing to face my past? To finally give the man who owns me all of me? Will the girl I created be strong enough for what's to come?
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***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Naomi / Scandalous Book Blog***

When I connected with this author on Facebook, she was very nervous about the reaction this book was going to get. Well she shouldn't have worried this book is everything and more. Slightly on the dark side this book gripped me from the start and left me begging for more. Everyone has a past but their past is hell. This book was emotional and deep. 

Raven was a good girl but in the last 3 years she has changed, now people look at her and see a bad girl...but not everything is as it seems. She needs this image to get herself through each day. With a past that still causes her nightmares she finds herself opening up more to her friend Caron and uses dance as her escape. Johnny is her best male friend but he has also helped piece herself back together again even though he still remains in the dark about her past.

Johnny has gone through hell and when he met Raven she became his light. He lives his life going through women but he has certain needs. Kink and BDSM are his thing and no matter how much he wants Raven he wants to keep her from this. 

Raven and Johnny's story is unique. Best friends who thrive to piss each other off, Johnny has wanted Raven since he first laid eyes on her but Raven continues to say NO. They have a connection that binds them together but lines become blurred and soon they find themselves on unknown ground. 

With the past coming for them both and the present still unsure these 2 have some tough times in store for them. They have to make choices that will see their life's going in very different ways they ever expected. But the question is will they go through them together or apart?


 J.L. Ostle was born in Antrim, Northern Ireland, now living in Carlisle, England. J.L. Ostle is a full time mother looking after her cute, active little boy. When she she hasn't got her head stuck in a book or writing, she's watching movies, or doing activities with her friends and their children.  

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