Title: Just Live
Author: Shaan Ranae
Release Day: March 7, 2017

When Kathryn James was a little girl she wished for true love in the fairy dust that resides in each ray of light. Now as an adult, she only finds pain and neglect from the ones who are supposed to love her.

After she escapes a two year long torture, she proceeds cross country to start a new life. She attempts a life without fear, a life without pain, and possibly a life with love.
While upon her journey, Katey will meet people who teach her lessons on love, however Jaz Carter will teach her the most important lesson of all.

Will she be brave enough to follow Jaz on his unorthodox path or will fear keep her from the things she wants most? Will Katey hide away from the world or will she learn to Just Live?

Entering the store, I saw all types of people. People here weren't that much different than in New York, I expected show girls and gangsters lining the aisles with carts full of slot machines and roulette wheels.

Finding the women's section happened without difficulty, but finding something I would wear became a chore. Everything here had flashy designs or it the words Las Vegas sprawled across the front. After about a half-hour of searching, I found a pale-yellow sundress with periwinkle blue flowers adorning the fabric. The simplicity made it pretty, like how I wanted him to see me. I didn't want to be a complication for him. I wanted to be a positive part of his life.
I shook my head realizing that these thoughts were about someone that I had only known for a few days, but something told me that if I allowed it; I would know him forever. I placed the dress in the cart and moved toward the beauty aisles.
On the way to find the cosmetics aisle, I passed a row of contraceptives. Hmm... should I grab condoms? Was I ready for that? Then that voice spoke up. Well your planning on moving in with the guy, it wouldn't be a bad idea to be prepared. Well at least this time the voice made sense.
So, I decided that I should take a gander. Oh, my goodness! I had so many choices. Ribbed. Latex. Non-latex. Flavored. Glow-in-the-dark. For his pleasure. For her pleasure. Well, what the hell; this was too much. I didn't know what to get. What size? I began to think that this wasn't such a grand idea.
When a familiar voice brought me out of my confusion, "What are you doing there, Bug?" Oh shit! Of course, he saw me. I exhaled the tension through my lips in a huff and let the mortification take over. I felt hot everywhere. I knew that I was as red as a tomato. I turned my eyes afraid to see that cocky smirk don his lips, when he continued "Anything I can help you with?"
I tilted my head up to see his eyes finding them well rested and a bright sea green. He must've been feeling better.
"You know, I looked for the shampoo aisle and must've gotten turned around." I lied. He nodded, but it was obvious that he didn't believe me for one second. "Oh, yeah I can see how'd you'd get messed up. These bottles of strawberry lube looked like shampoo. Makes complete sense" he beguiled.
"Okay, so I need shampoo. You want to come with?" He turned to me grabbing my hand, calming my nerves, and bringing me peace. "Nah, I have a few things to grab myself. Meet me in the car?" he said with his throaty voice. "Sure, that's sounds like a plan." I leaned in placing a quick kiss to his cheek leaving him in the aisle. Oh, my God. I couldn't believe he caught me in the condom aisle.

An Ohio native who brings a small taste of her home state to each story. She's happily married with two amazing children. 

She found her love of romance after reading a very popular romance series. After that she was addicted, a self-proclaimed romance book junkie. Her love for the written word has grown and with that love so has her writing style.

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