Release Blitz: Hooked On You
by Brittany Anne

Genre: Contemporary Romance

They were each other's biggest mistakes. Hers, for letting him in, and his, for letting her go.

Seven years after what was supposed to be the best night of Victoria's life, she is finally ready to return home and face the memories that she spent so long running away from. She is certain she has moved on, but the minute she sees Gabe Matthews, all of the feelings she repressed come right back up to the surface. Gabe says he's changed, but can she ever truly trust the man who shattered her heart all those years ago?

Gabe Matthews was not a good man, but he had spent the last three years doing everything he could to redeem himself. When the only girl he ever truly cared for walks back into his life, he is faced with the ultimate test: do the right thing and let her go, like he tried to do so many years ago, or be selfish and make her his. He wants to be the good guy, but sometimes, chemistry just can't be controlled, and Gabe will be damned if he lets Victoria walk out of his life a second time. 

***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Naomi / Scandalous Book Blog***  

I fell in love with this book instantly. The writing was impeccable and the story flowed effortlessly. The characters were well developed and easy to connect with.
This is a debut novel for this author but you would never guess. I am excited to see more from her in the future.

Victoria has had a crush on her best friend older brother for years. But one night changes everything for the both of them.
Gabe and Victoria spent one amazing night together, but the following day Gabe acts like it really was nothing and Victoria's heart shatters in the process.

Leaving town is Victoria's way of dealing with her broken heart. But now she has chosen to return home and she knows that the past will catch up with her, but she underestimated how much it would effect her.

Gabe was only trying to do the right thing all them years ago, knowing he wasn't good enough for the beauty in his bed he pushed her away.

During the years that they have been apart  everything has changed!

People have been lost, life choices have been made but are they for the better?

Their past is made up of layers of, hurt, love and loss but can their future be made with love, happiness and hope?

This couples relationship was passionate and raw. Their story is emotional and believable. They have a natural chemistry but will they let their past dictate their future?

One click today to find out!!!

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About the Author

Brittany Anne is a hopeless romantic and an unrelenting dreamer, forever shoving logic aside for the sake of love and "happily ever after."

She is a writer of romance, dabbling in multiple sub-genres including but not limited to contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense. Her stories typically center around flawed but lovable alpha heroes and strong, compassionate heroines.

When she isn't writing, you can find Brittany Anne reading steamy romance novels, studying history, spending time outdoors in nature, and loving life with her own alpha hero.

If you'd like to contact Brittany Anne for any reason, please feel free to EMAIL her and she will get back to you ASAP. She loves hearing from readers and looks forward to chatting with you!

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