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Chancing On You by Melinda Ellen 
Publication date: May 13th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

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I had a plan.
It was a good one as far as plans go but like everything in my life, it went to shit.
My name’s Hope Andrews and I’m an orphan.
I’ve been trying to find my place in the world for the past seventeen years but it’s not that easy. Especially when I get homed with scum like my current foster carers who prefer to get high rather than giving a shit about me.
I thought I had my plan all figured out. Sing, earn some money and then high tail it out of there on my eighteenth birthday. Then he waltzed into my life and turned it upside down. I felt things I’d never felt before. He infuriated me, messed with me and yet my body reacted to his presence regardless. But like all things, there’s an ending.
I had a plan.
No relationships. Forget my past.
My name’s Jaxon Broad and my plan went to shit as soon as I laid eyes on her.
She reminded me of everything that I was trying to forget – a past that haunted me. Just when I thought she was the light to my darkness, it was all ripped away. Like all things, there’s an ending.
But with endings, there’s always a new beginning. They just had to discover it.
*Due to sexual content, graphic language and drug references this book is intended for readers 17+*

Since that day I’ve been torn. A part of me wants to fall to my

knees and beg her forgiveness and the other half congratulates me

on doing a job well done. I wanted her to stay away and that’s

exactly what she was trying to do. So why the hell did I keep

arguing with myself?

Today was no exception, I strolled into English and slipped

straight into my seat and kept my eyes peeled on the door. I knew

exactly who I was looking for when my heart beat picked up and I

fidgeted in excitement. Hope walked in, her hair for the first time

was pulled back into a braid that fell over her left shoulder leaving

her face uncovered and allowing her dark blue eyes to shine. She

wore black jeans that hugged her swaying hips flawlessly and I

couldn’t help imagining them wrapped around my waist. I glanced

away quickly as she neared, not wanting to be caught out but I let

my leg fall to the side so she had no choice but to brush up against

me as she slid into her desk.

The thin material of her shirt skimmed my arm and the friction

from her denim clad leg caused me to break out in goose bumps

that I quickly tried to cover up. I was torturing myself.

“Hey.” I murmured over to her. She didn’t reply as usual and I

mentally kicked myself. This girl was driving me crazy. I just

wanted to hear her voice. “Are you going to Rebecca’s party this

weekend?” I swear I saw an eye roll when it occurred to me how

stupid that question was. Of course she wasn’t. She was on pretty

much everyone’s blacklist which I still didn’t understand.

I tapped my fingers on my desk when I thought of only one other

thing that’d get a rise out of her. “You know you’re being pretty

childish, ignoring me.” I taunted. I hid a victory smile as she turned

to face me, her eyes narrowed into slits as she glared. Oh yeh she

was pissed.

“Me, the childish one?” She seethed. “Wasn’t it you throwing out

the childish remarks Tuesday?”

“Wasn’t it you having a little tantrum because I was sitting in your

seat.” I air quoted for her benefit.

Hope looked at me like I was venomous. “You’re a dick.” I

couldn’t help but smile back at her choice of words which only

pissed her off more.

I liked this game.

“And you have a sharp tongue.”

“You don’t know anything about my tongue.” Hope hissed.

I let my eyes linger on her plump rosy lips long enough to make

her squirm before I responded, “Not yet.” I had the pleasure of

watching her cheeks burn red, something that seemed to happen

quite frequently.

“You’ll never get to know the likes of my tongue – anywhere.”

She emphasised as she glanced down at my crotch making my

mind run wild as I imagined her on her knees as she wrapped her

mouth around me, taking me full and suckling me hard. Damn, my

dick got hard at the image and strained against my jeans.

“Besides you have Sasha and I’m sure she’s more than happy to

share her STD’s with you.”

And there goes the hard on. “Don’t worry I used a condom,

always do.” I scrutinized her as she looked at me in disbelief before

she turned away and concentrated once again on her book. It

seemed my admission that Sasha and I had sex bothered her and I

couldn’t help but feel pleased.

“What no retort, princess?”

She huffed out a sigh but didn’t look at me. “What do you want

me to say? Congratulations on banging one of the easiest chicks in

the school. Bet that was a real milestone for you.”

“I sense sarcasm.” I leaned my head into my hand as I studied

her closely. “I think you’re jealous.” Hope tensed, her body going

rigid at my words. She was silent only a moment before she shifted

her gaze to me.

“The fact that you’d think that, means you’re arrogant and I really

don’t find cockiness attractive.”


Melinda Ellen resides in Australia, living out her days by the beach. When she's not reading, she's writing, when really she should be working. It's addictive. It's a passion that has stemmed from her teenage years when she started off writing poetry and short stories. Now she's taken a chance and released her debut novel Chancing On You, and hopefully many more to come.

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