{{BLOG TOUR & REVIEW}} AND FOREVER By Danielle Sibarium

“Sometimes being with the one you love hurts more than being without them.” 

“There’s nothing you can’t do if you want it bad enough.” This is the mantra Jordan Brewer drilled into my head since the day I met him. He convinced me nothing is out of my reach, not even him. 

I love Jordan, and Jordan loves me, but something always gets in the way. I had to fight tooth and nail to convince him we belong together. Now he’s mine, but I’m not sure our love is strong enough to survive. 

I’m away at school and Jordan’s playing drums for a local band. We hardly see each other, and when we do, he’s haunted by demons from his past. I’m struggling to fit in and he’s struggling with his ever-growing mountain of guilt. Will we be able to hold on to each other through the tough times, or will it all come tumbling down around us? 

 When I first started this book my intentions were to just skim to get an idea of Jordan and Stephanie's background and the journey they have ventured so far. But let me say this, from the moment I started reading I could not put it down or skip ONE SINGLE WORD I DEVOURED IT FROM START TO FINISH. 
At fourteen, Stephaine met at feel madly in love with Jordan a senior who is fours older than her. They became and remained friends because Jordan was uncomfortable with their age difference, but NOT once did she ever lose faith that they were meant to be together. 
For Always explore the relationship dynamic of two people who clearly love each other but choose to continue living their life without exploring that love. 
The story is told from Stephaine POV and I was fully invested in everything that happened to her all the ups and down and learning curve she experienced I felt it fully. Danielle drew me in emotionally with her captivating storytelling ability.  I love how she  explore and delivers something so very true to life and down to earth, anyone could put themselves in both Stephaine or Jordan's position. You are able to really connect and feel what they are feeling. 
I just admire the depth and level of emotion that Danielle always put into her writing, it feels like second nature. 

And Always, ended with Jordan and Stephanie finally working things out and taking that monumental step from friends to lovers. In And Forever, we get to see these two struggle with finding their way and making the relationship work. 
Can their relationship finally work with distance, insecurities, little white lies and people trying to break them up? will their once in a lifetime love survives such trials an tribulation? 

I write because my soul would shrivel up and die if I didn't!
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