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Collecting the first three novellas in the Motorcycle Clubs series, this box set features a shared world of three different MCs — the Death Lords, the Bedlam Butchers, and the Hellfire Riders — and the hot, steamy romances between strong alpha bikers and the fierce women who love them. The Motorcycle Clubs series is for readers who want all of the heat and emotion, but who don't have all of the time.

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  HIS WILD DESIRE by Ella Goode

 I’m not supposed to want him, but I do.
I’m not supposed to need him, but I can’t stop.
I’m not supposed to love him, but my heart won’t listen.
Most of all? I’m definitely, under no circumstances, supposed to sleep with him.

Grant “Wrecker” Harrison spent three years of his life locked away. He’s out and he’s tired of hiding. He wants everyone, even his father Judge President of the Death Lords MC, to know she’s his.

Chelsea Weaver loves Grant even though she knows its wrong. She knew it was wrong when she gave him her virginity and she knows it’s still wrong three years later…because Grant’s her stepbrother and Judge is the only father she’s ever known.

HIS WILD DESIRE is a 26,000 word novella. No cliffhangers.


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OFF LIMITS by Ruby Dixon

 He shouldn’t touch me, but he does.
Late one night, in the middle of danger, he makes me feel things I shouldn’t.
And I know I shouldn’t want more…but I do.
Because hooking up with me? It could cost him his life. 

Lucky…isn’t. In fact, she’s considered ‘off limits’ to the Bedlam Butchers because she’s caused them nothing but bad luck in the past. As a bonus? She’s also the president’s kid sister. Single and lonely? That’s Lucky’s way of life. Now, the Eighty-Eight Henchmen are harassing her and they’re out for blood.

Solo…is. In a club where pairing up with a brother to watch your back is mandatory, Solo still hasn’t gotten over his partner’s death two years ago. The club’s pressuring him to name a second Treasurer, but he has to trust that person in bed and out. And it’s damn hard for Solo to trust.

But when he rescues Lucky from the Eighty-Eight, maybe it’s time for Solo to find a partner, and time for Lucky’s luck to turn around…

OFF LIMITS is a 18,500 word novella. No cliffhangers.


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 WANTING IT ALL by Kati Wilde

 He’s the one man I can never have, but the only one I crave…

Saxon Gray has reason to hate me. He spent five years in prison after saving me from a brutal violation at the hands of a rival motorcycle club – and he paid for that rescue with his freedom. I’ve never been able to settle the debt I owe him…until now.

The menace of that old rivalry is flaring up again, and as president of the Hellfire Riders, Saxon is the one man who can keep me safe. But I want more than his protection. I want his heart.

WANTING IT ALL is a 24,000 word novella. No cliffhangers.

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The Motorcycle Clubs Vol 1

***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Naomi / Scandalous Book Blog***

I was very please to be given the opportunity to review this collection, I was always aware that the stories were going to be short and that there would be others in the series.


Grant‘Wrecker’Harrison is the son of ‘Death Lord’s’ president, he is finally released from prison after doing a 3-year stretch and he wants to carry on his HOT ad STEAMY affair with Chelsea.

Chelsea has spent the last 3 years tending to all her sexual needs herself with the help of her memories. Wrecker was her first everything, first crush, first kiss and first sexual experience.

With their chemistry and desire for each other thru the roof….
Wrecker wants the world to know they are together and finally have her wear his cut and become his ‘Old Lady’ BUT Chelsea has her reservations she is scared she will lose her family and the only father figure she has as they are STEP SIBLINGS.

Lucky is the younger sister of one of the clubs president; however this leads to her being unlucky in the love department since no one will go near her.
Solo is the club treasurer, He has recently lost his partner and has his own dramas and demons to deal with.

Looking for a good time Lucky finds herself in danger when she realizes the man she was going to spend the night with is actually a member or a rival MC.

Solo and Lucky are part of the trap to lure the rival MC, but after spending so much time together pretending the lines get a bit blurred…..Solo has his eyes on Lucky and Lucky’s luck may just be about to change.


Saxon paid with 5 years of his life for protecting Jenny and if her father has his way he will be left protecting her again.

Their story started 14 years ago when Saxon (MC President) saved Jenny (the daughter of a rival MC President). Saxon soon became Jenny’s Night in tight leather and that fateful night but whilst Saxon would do the same again Jenny struggles with the guilt and can’t find a way to re-pay him.

After recent events Jenny finds herself turning to Saxon once again for help, this is a risk for both of them but t the biggest risk of all is their hearts.

Ella, Ruby, and Kati love romance, love strong heroines, and love those oh-so-bad alpha heroes. We love stories that are hot, sexy, and dangerous. So when we got together to write this series, we only had one rule: to write the kind of romances that we love to read.

We also know how difficult it can be to carve out time for a full-length novel…and reading a book in parts isn’t always as satisfying. Our series is written for the busy romance reader in mind. In each story, you’ll find scorching heat, wild emotion, and a romance that will have you turning the last page with a happy sigh.

At this time, we are only publishing novellas — our intention is to provide readers with short (yet satisfying) MC romances. Sometimes we might continue one couple’s story over several novellas, but each individual novella will have a satisfying romantic resolution. Because they are short, we focus the stories on the eroticism and romance, and will be building the MC worlds as each series progresses.


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