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Book: The Gamble
Author: Xavier Neal
Genre: Contemporary Romance

3 friends. 2 players. 1 bet.
When Luca Larson makes an expensive wager, guaranteeing the bedding of his only real female friend, he's expecting the situation to go as smoothly as sleeping with any other woman would. It doesn't take long before he realizes his usual plays won't work. She knows them too well. She knows HIM too well. If Luca wants to win, he'll have to do things he's never done before. Friendships will be challenged. Hearts will be broken. Lives will be inevitably changed. But one question will remain. Was it all worth the gamble?

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***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Naomi / Scandalous Book Blog

The Gamble definately lived up to its name. I was on the edge of my seat and my head was spinning. This is such a complex story that tellsthe tale of 3 best friends Luca, Alexaa and Warren and how their lifes change after 1 bet was made. Will this Gamble pay off or will they obliterate everything for these friends?

Luca loves the ladies as do they him. He has never had a problem getting them into bed but Alexaa is in a league of her own. She knows was Luca is and she wont be another botch on his bedpost. Luca has his reasons for being the man he is, He has demons that he runs from instead of facing them. His back story is touching and when you read it you understand why he is the way he is.

Alexaa is one of a kind, she sees the good in everyone. She is funny clever and very loyal however her life is about to change and she dosnt even see it coming.

When Luca makes a bet with Warren that he can get Alexxa into bed you can see the train wreck that is about to happen. 

Alexxa has hidden her feelings for Luca throughout their friendship. She is always the one looking in and being left a little more broken when he parades his latest conquest around her. So you can only imagine her surprise when Luca shows her more attention and requests dates with her. 

Luca will stop at nothing to have his way thats just the type of cocky guy he is, But along the way Luca realises that Alexaa is everything to him and she is his perfect girl. 

There are so many what ifs where these two are concerned but their journey is a fun one to read!!! 

Xavier Neal lives in Texas where she spends her time getting lost in writing, reading, or fandoms she recently discovered. Whether she is enjoying books or movies, she continues finding inspiration at every turn to bring more exciting stories to life.

Twitter: @XavierNeal87
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