Ben’s been in love with Renee for years. She's loved him from afar but can't do anything about it because of circumstances beyond her control. 

That all ends. Now. Because Ben knows what's holding her back and nothing will stop him from getting what he wants. 


There’s no one else for him and there is definitely no one else for her, not as long as there is a breath left in his body. When she tries to date, Ben quickly ends any and all attempts of her being with someone, other than him. 

Follow Ben and Renee through some serious alpha male episodes paired with a side of light hearted humor and steamy encounters, hot enough to make your Kindle fog over! 

‘When I Become Yours’ is book two in The Richmond Series but it does not need to be read in order. This is a stand alone book in a series that will follow four girlfriends through their crazy and hilarious antics in addition to their passionate love lives. Each friend will have their own stand alone. 
The Richmond Series: 
Book One: When I Make You Mine (Anne & Jim) - Out now! 
Book Two: When I Become Yours (Renee & Ben) - Out now! 
Book Three: When We Become One (Marisa & David) - Soon to be released 
Book Four: When I’m Ready (Amber & Brian) - Soon to be released
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1T0WFNt

***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Naomi / Scandalous Book Blog***

This was a fast paced book and a sweet story. The characters were funny and the connection between them was strong. Ben is every girls dream sweet, funny, romantic and hot, what's not to like. This book only took me a couple of hours to read but I enjoyed every minute of it, definitely a feel good book.

Ben and Renee have danced around each other for years, they have chemistry but there is something holding Renee back.
Ben has already admitted his love for her but he is crushed to find her going on dates with other guys, so with nothing else for it he ups the ante.

Its not that Renee doesn't want Ben she just has a secret that she doesn't want to tell him. She thinks once he knows he wont look at her the same and she doesn't want to loose his friendship.

Ben has already sabotaged her last few dates and when he hears about her planned trip to their friends cabin, he knows this is his chance to get her alone and make her see sense.

Snowed in at the cabin with only board games and alcohol to keep them occupied, things take a turn.

Their attraction to one another is electrifying but if Ben knew the truth would he still want Renee?

Born in the midwest, Rae Daniel has been telling stories her entire life. After earning her degree in History from Old Dominion University, she found her niche in the professional world as an analyst. In her analytical roll, she found that compiling her research into “stories” for her upper management team, gave her the confidence to start to write all the other stories that were running around in her head.

Rae is also the founder of GetYourSmutOn.com, a romance book review website. Within the first six months of operation she was being asked to write reviews for independent, USA Today, and NY Times best selling romance authors from around the world.

When she is not writing, she is living a charming life in North Carolina with her husband and two kids. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading and drinking wine. (PS, not necessarily in that order) :)

Author Website: RaeDanielAuthor.com


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