{{RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW}} SCORCH (Black Inferno #4) by K.T.Fisher

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Book: Scorch 
Series: Black Inferno #4
Author: KT Fisher
Genre: Romantic Suspense 
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When your ex is an abusive man, and nobody knows he even exists, what do you do when he starts to threaten your life? That’s the situation Crystal found herself in. She kept Troy a secret when she ran to her brother, but now he’s found where she is and isn’t prepared to let her go. He believes she belongs to him but he doesn’t know the history Crystal shares with Booker, the drummer for Black Inferno and what he will do to protect her. Booker cares for Crystal and wants to finally come clear about their relationship, but can Crystal face the hard truths and be able to finally get rid of her troublesome ex, or will he finally catch her and destroy her future for good?
Either way, she has to come clean about her harsh past to be able to save herself from Troy.

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“Get out,” I order. “Get out. Now!”
My heart beats faster as I look around for something to use as protection. 
“That’s no way to talk to me,” Troy speaks calmly as he takes a step forward. 
“Stay there!” I scream. “Don’t you dare come any closer.”
Thinking quickly, I drop the glasses I’m carrying on the floor and they smash. I hurriedly grab a broken piece and hold it out in front of me, pointing it toward Troy. 
“There’s no need for that.” Troy looks to the weapon in my hand. “Put it down, I’m not going to hurt you.”
“My friend will be here soon, so you should go unless you want to be arrested,” I threaten. 
Troy then laughs and I frown. “You mean, Paige?” He laughs again.
A chill spreads throughout my body, I don’t like the sound of that. “What have you done?”
“The stupid girl loves male attention doesn’t she?” he adds. 
“What have you done, Troy?” I shout. 
“I gave her the attention she wanted, told her to keep quiet because nobody would like her getting close to a guy like me. I didn’t want you to see me because then you’d ruin my plans. She bought it all, the dumb bitch.” He laughs some more. “She was with me today and I gotta say, she comes a close second to you Crystal. So if this doesn’t work out, I might have to take Paige instead.”
“Leave her alone,” I order, beginning to shake. “Leave us both alone.”
“That isn’t going to happen,” he threatens. “Tell me, did I make you believe Paige was actually coming?”
I begin to feel sick. He said he was with Paige. Did he send that text message? 
“She is coming,” I insist, still holding out the broken piece of glass toward him.
“No Crystal, she isn’t. In fact, she won’t be going anywhere.” He laughs. 
I was so excited when this book hit my kindle. I love Kellie's writing and the Black Inferno men are hot!!. Scorch had me hooked and I read it in one sitting. The characters are great and I loved the fact that they were all very much involved even if this was Bookers and Crystals story.
There was drama and at one point I was screaming at my kindle but this just added to the ride.

Crystal and Booker have history and some of it is pretty x-rated however Crystal went back to her ex Troy.  Crystal is now back living with her brother, whilst hiding from Troy but he has found her again and he wants her back. Not only does she have to deal with the blackmail and the phone calls she also has to deal with the attraction to Booker.

Booker wants Crystal and she seems to be showing all the signs of wanting him to but she wont let her guard down. There is always a reason why they cant happen but Booker is growing tired of this cat and mouse game they are playing.

Booker dosnt want to keep whats between them a secret but Crystal wants to protect everyone from her ex and she also dosnt want to come between Booker and Trent.

Finally Crystal cant keep her secrets locked up any more and she opens up to the girls of the group, they all vow to stand by her but do advise her t tell the men especially after everything that has happened in the past.

Danger is close....Secrets come to light....Truths are told and lifes are changed forever!!!

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K.T Fisher is a British romance author. She was born and raised in Nottingham, surrounded by her family. Now, she has two daughters of her own and decided that she needed to live her dream to inspire her children. 

K.T Fisher mostly writes about hot, delicious men. Her books are packed with hot suspense and thrilling dangers, add her signature erotic scenes and you have a steaming romance that you have to read.

Ever since K.T Fisher released her first book, Rockstar Daddy she hasn't been able to stop and has since released many books that are loved by many.

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