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Lance Borel is a man who knows what he wants…
He wants to fight.
Since his mother became ill, fighting and being in the ring is the only thing that gives him peace of mind. The one thing he feels like he can control in life.

Hilary Vaughan is the kind of girl who isn’t sure what she wants… 
Because she’s never had to want for anything. 
Coming from a rich family, all her wants and needs are quickly fulfilled.
Now she’s just looking for fun in the most typical place. 

But one night everything changes…
Lance and Hilary meet in a bar, but before things heat up, she blurts out she’s a virgin. Taken by surprise he walks away, but he can’t seem to get her off his mind.
A few weeks pass when they meet again, and for the first time in his life he believes he’s finally found something else worth fighting for. 

Only now she's with Travis...and he's bad news.

Hooked by Ana Layne

4 star

***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Naomi / Scandalous Book Blog***

Hooked is a fast paced book, full of drama with both highs and lows it will overtake you with a mix of emotions. This book has it all, Guilt, Lust, Loss, Anger and Love.

Lance has a reputation of being a playboy, but lately something has changed.
He loves to fight and the ring is where his heart is. Fighting to help his parents financially since his mum is very poorly and doesn’t have long left too live and spending time with his friends what more could a guy want???

Hilary comes from money, never having to struggle. Her parents are both loving and supportive off her and she is your typical good girl.

There story started a long time ago when they were at school together and Hilary was being picked on and Lance took it upon himself to try protect her.

Fast forward a few years…And they come across one another in the club, there is an instant attraction for both of them but they haven’t made the connection that they are known to one another. Lance is not one to shy away from something he wants; things heat up between them until Hilary reveals a shocking truth. Lance puts the breaks on and pushes her away then leaves her all alone. Hilary is strong and independent and decides that Lance is a douche and doesn’t deserve her. There are a couple of occasions where their paths cross again and whilst Lance tries to do the right thing Hilary is less than impressed.

Hilary starts to see Lance in a different light but its too late for them now as she is in a relationship with another fighter…all is not as it seems, this relationship is volatile, abusive and controlling and Hilary wants out but she cant find a way without herself or someone she loves getting hurt.

This book is not so much secret and lies its more truth and confession and working their way to a HEA together, to find out if the accomplish this you will just need to read and find out.

I’m not the best guy in the world, matter of fact, I’m the guy your mother will warn you to stay away from in the bar because I only want one thing.
And I usually get it.
Things at Joe’s are looking just like they should tonight. The drinks are coming, the music is bumping and the hotties are here, damn it’s going to be a good night. I shouldn’t be here tonight or well any other night but it’s the only way I know to deal and be able to keep my head on straight.
Mom is dying. Unfortunately, Dad and I know this. It’s why I fight. I fight to help pay her medical bills and make sure the house is taken care of. Dad shouldn’t have to carry that weight alone and I refuse to let him. Mom got diagnosed with lung cancer a few years ago and she was a strong fighter from the beginning. The cancer went into remission but its come back progressing with a deadly vengeance. She’s steadily going downhill. She’s refusing to go to the doctor which pisses Dad and I off but we don’t let her see that at all. We don’t force her to go either which is probably wrong on our part but I just don’t want to make anything harder on her than it already is. I can’t imagine my life without Mom in it but here soon I’m afraid I’ll know what it’s like and I’m going to hate it.
Garrett buys a round of shots passing them out to us giving a toast to Raegan. “I’d like to give a toast to my sexy stubborn ass girlfriend. She’s one badass woman and I love her so fucking much.” 
Before I throw my shot back I shoot her a grin, “I fucking love her too!” She rolls her eyes at me laughing. If there’s one thing I’m happy about it’s that Garrett found Raegan. They are perfect together even though they are aggravating as hell sometimes.
As much as I want to hang around these two tonight, I can’t help but scan the crowd. My eyes look between a blonde with a pixie style haircut and a brunette who is practically coming out of her shirt standing by the bar. Come to daddy. One quick nod to Raegan and Garrett is all it takes, they know exactly what I am up to and just like that, I stroll over towards the brunette at the bar.
I watch her intently. She notices me and her eyes widen as her cheeks turn a shade of blush. She’s gorgeous. Her hair cascades over her shoulders, the ends meeting where her cleavage begins. I lick my lips as I inch closer to my prey, she knows what’s coming, it’s written all over my face.

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