TITLE: Love At First Glance
SERIES: Love At Firsts #1
AUTHOR: Muriel Garcia

Haven HATES Mondays.
She loathes them.
Especially this Monday. 
This is the Monday that’ll change her life, but will it be for better or worse?

At first glance, it’s seems to be for the worst. Losing her job, boyfriend and supposed friend is not how Haven envisaged her week starting. Temporarily living with her best friend, Spencer, is not how she envisaged spending her week and a new job is not what she expected to look forward to the following week.
Things start to look up for Haven. Despite the nasty delivery, her life is taking a new turn that she embraces and loves. She finds a new job and a place to live that are perfect for her. Everything seems to be going well but little things creep up and destroy the one thing she cherished the most and can’t live without.

It was a shaky start but her professional life is going in the direction she’s always wanted. If only she could say the same about her love life. After a failed long-term relationship, a blind date who is just like any guy you’d meet in a bar and a manwhore of a neighbour, she’s left thinking that it’s time to open the crazy cat lady starter box. All she wants is to be content with her life, but she’s not. She’s missing the one thing she’s dreamed of since she was a little girl. To be loved.

But what if it was in front of her the entire time?
Will she be able to mend the broken bridges?
Will she realise it was Love at First Glance?

***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Naomi / Scandalous Book Blog***

This story was fantastic. I laughed and cried all the way through from beginning to end. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the series has in store.

Haven and Spencer have been best friends since babies. They know everything about one another and have always been each others go to person. When relationships have broken down they have been each others crutch, when life gets too hard they have been each others shoulder to cry on.  Sometimes love can stare you right in the face but what happens when you notice.

It’s Monday and Haven’s life has just been shattered. Everything that could go wrong has and she turns to the one person in her life that she knows she can rely on, Spencer.
With her world being turned upside down she soon realizes this could have been for the best. Now she is free to look at other possibilities to move on to bigger and better things and it doesn’t take long for the changes to start happening. It’s not long until Haven is back on the dating market and he comes with the name Valentine.

Spencer has always been there for Haven, and now she needs him even more. He doesn’t think twice about helping her piece her life back together and they become closer every minute….that is until Valentine comes on the scene and Spencer is anything but happy.

His and Havens relationship suffers a great deal whilst they battle with their feelings and the cracks start to show. Neither of them wants to loose the other. For them to remain close they need to talk and tell each other what they are thinking.

Are these two destined to become more than friends?
Or will there admission rip their friendship apart?

Muriel Garcia was born and raised in Belgium. She started writing a little over a year ago and never thought she would ever publish; reading and writing weren’t her favorite things to do in high school.

After one of her friends gave her  a challenge – the next time they would attend a book signing, she would be a signing author (it did happen!) – she started to take writing a lot more seriously and never looked back. She’s enjoyed every second of it and the friends she’s made along the way.

She loves music, tattoos—especially on hot men, traveling, and cooking. She has always had an overly imaginative and creative mind but never thought of putting words to paper. Now she couldn’t imagine not writing stories that are near and dear to her heart.

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