Title: Blinding Lights
Series: Lights of Scotland #2 (Standalone)
Author: Jessica Florence
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 26, 2016

She dances with a passion I'll never know
Seeing her again tears me at the seams
She was never mine
My soul is stained with the darkness of death
I have killed
I have tortured
I have lost
Her soul is too bright for the shadows within.
and her determination to be the flame in my heart could kill us both
Still, I want her, I crave her
But not even her blinding lights can fight away the darkness threatening us both.
Eventually, everything gets snuffed out.



The speakers started playing a piano melody. At the first word of the song, Lily walked onto the stage, one foot in front of the other as her hands gracefully moved beside her. I watched her long starlight colored hair flow as she started to sway. Her head cast down. She rolled her body and stuck her long leg in the air behind her then spun in a circle. The material of her dancer’s skirt flowed around her like a pinwheel.

Her head went back down conveying sorrow. I wanted to lift her chin up. She should not be looking down, her beautiful amethyst eyes deserved to be seen. I hadn’t seen her dance since we were teens. I felt enraptured by her.

My eyes were glued as the singer started bellowing out the chorus. Her head whipped back again as she leapt into the air and spun. She landed on one foot, and her hands moved around her like a swan. I felt every bit of the emotions in my soul from the song through her dance. It was as if she herself was giving life to the words with every move of her body. She leapt, spun, and bounced around. She swayed back and forth as if she was being pulled between two forces.

My heart ached for her. The emotions in this dance were ones of devastation and regret. She fell to the ground lying on her back then her chest came up then fell back slowly, as if trying to bring herself back to life. Her hair swirled around her in soft waves. She got back up quickly and twirled to the back on the stage. With the last bit of the song, she ran and jumped into the air, spread her legs into a split into the air and landed. She gave it her all, she threw everything she had into the emotions of this dance. At the end she fell to the ground and crumpled.

I wanted to run to her, scoop her up, and tell her everything. But she could never be mine. I’d given up that dream years ago. I wasn’t even sure why I had stopped by to see her perform. I almost wish I hadn’t. To see her move with that much passion, so much that I could only dream to possess an ounce of it. I spared one last look at her as I stood. The crowd had erupted into cheers and screams in applause for her performance. She was smiling while flowers were placed in her hands as she took a bow to her audience.

Tears glistened on her rosy cheeks. She had such a powerful spirit in everything she did.

Not able to take anymore I turned and left the cheers and the woman I loved behind me. My soul was stained black with death. Someone as bright and pure as my Lily, deserved more. I think I had convinced myself if I saw her again that maybe I would change my mind to pursue her. To finally find peace in my life, but only to see her and feel just as I did when I left a few years ago. Devastated.

I walked out of the auditorium building promising myself that I wouldn’t try to see her anymore. It was just torture on my soul. I had to give her up completely. The hope of having Lily was left back on that stage with her.

I had jobs to do, that would be my only salvation in this hell of a life.

I got on my bike and sped off as far away from my starlight as could.

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   I'm so very happy to have had the chance to review a book that I was anticipating to read.  I've received the awesome ARC of Blinding Lights by Jessica Florence in exchange for an honest and spoiler free review.  This action packed romance deserves an amazing 5 star.

  It's a romantic action packed, fast paced with an adrenaline ride all the way.  It started with an intriguing prologue that got me hooked right away.  The readers have no other choice but feel and love these amazing characters.

  This is about Lachlan and Lily whom have been friends forever.  That friendship developed into love.  Lachlan thinks he lives with darkness inside of him and that he is not a good person so he has spaced himself from Lily Bug for 6 years.  An horrifying experience puts Lily right in Lachlan path.  He saves her from a life that would have been horrible.  Lily is the light to his darkness.  She will try very hard to make him realize he's a good man and that they belong together.  She's is his Starlight.

 Jessica has put her creative mind and plotting onto paper to keep us entertained for hours.  Blinding Lights was very well thought out with a well executed plot that contains fascinating characters.  The author will take you on a full adrenaline  roller coaster ride.  She has such a wonderful way of writing that her story just captured my undivided attention and has the perfect amount of steamy romance.  She has the ability to give wonderful descriptions and great depth to her characters.  The action started fairly early in the book and didn't let up until the very end.   After reading a couple pages out of the epilogue, I thought that I wasn't getting my HEA but she surprised me with a wonderful one.  Kept my undivided attention until the very last page was read.  Even then I wanted more. Hint: ( I want Findley's story.) LOL

  This standalone is told in a dual POV and with an HEA.  Blinding Lights is the second book in Lights of Scotland series.  The characters from Guiding Lights play a certain role in this story.  Although, I personally prefer  to read series in order for better enjoyment but I think the author was able to give just enough insight on the previous story to get the readers up to date without missing any information.  I highly recommend reading this story.  All of Jessica's previous books are well worth the readers precious time and money.

Jessica Florence, Kaleidoscope of Romance
Writer of Surviving Valentine. The of The Heart trilogy, Evergreen,Lights of Scotland Series, and The Final KO.
When she's not writing her next invigorating story. You can find her running her own business, and spending time with her husband and daughter in southwest Florida.
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