Title: Marek
Series: Knights Corruption MC Series
Author: S. Nelson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 5, 2016
With the weight of the club on his shoulders, Cole Marek, president of the Knights Corruption MC, had only one choice: 
Turn their livelihood legit.
Everything was falling into place until one unexpected, fateful night. With an attack on his fellow brothers, Marek had no choice but to retaliate against their sworn enemy. 
The Savage Reapers. 
Swarming their compound, he comes face-to-face with the infamous daughter of his rival club, making an astonishing decision which would change his life forever. 
She was the enemy.
She was the prize.
She was a game changer.
Sully Brooks led a desolate life, her entire existence dictated first by her father, then by the man who’d claimed her when she was only fourteen. Years of abuse shaped her into the woman she became, but she longed for something more. Craving an existence where she was free to live a life of simplicity, she wanted release from the harsh realities she’d known since childhood. 
Will her prayers be answered when the enemy strikes?

Fantastic start to a new series and Marek and his brothers were all great alpha males. I loved the story and it was well developed. Full of angst, drama, sorrow and hope this was a hard book to put down.

Cole Marek is the club prez and he hopes to move the club forward and become legit, all he has to do is tie up some loose ends. When his brothers take a hit from a rival MC there is no holding them back, they are out for revenge.

Sully is the daughter of rival MC prez and has lived with abuse all her life first at the hands of her father then on to his VP Vex. She has been told she will never be good enough and she deserves everything she has gone through.

The night Marek and his brothers storm their rival MC compound is the night that his and Sully's life changes forever. After a flippant comment from his brother he decides to take Sully and keep her. 
Little did he realise that the woman standing before him would bring him to his knees. She was breathtakingly beautiful but devastatingly broken.

Marek acts the only way he knows, he is a very dominant and possessive man who likes to get his own way. But Sully has changed with the help of the new club and its members she is stronger and there is where she is finally seen in a whole new light.

Sully started as a pawn in a game but she soon became the best prize ever!!!

“Absolutely Amazing! S. Nelson is an amazing writer.” ~Beth (Goodreads Review)
“Wow!!! Sandra has done it again. I loved Marek.” ~Paula (Goodreads Review)
“Nothing I can say.... Except that this book was absolutely amazing!” ~Jane (Goodreads Review)
A loud crash jolted me back into the reality of the situation. I waited for more gunfire, but all that followed the toppling dresser was harsh, ragged breathing. I wasn’t sure if the sounds were my own or from those who had just entered the room.
Then one of them spoke.
A man with a deep, gravelly voice. A voice which sent shivers of fear and fascination deep into my soul. The mixture of feelings confused me, but I had no time to delve into what they really meant. The only focus in the forefront of my disheveled mind was to figure out how to survive.
Would I beg for my life? Would I appear weak in the face of the enemy? I couldn’t answer with certainty, and that alone was disarming. I had no idea what to do, what to say or how to feel.
Luckily, the decision was stolen from me the instant my eyes found him.
A tall, broad man stalked forward, every step closer deciding my fate. My head had instinctually risen so I could see who was coming for me, and what I saw stopped my heart. While my soon-to-be captor was covered in blood, no doubt from his up-close-and-personal bloodshed of my fellow Savages, his prowess shined through. His pale blue eyes pinned me defenseless, his hair short and cropped to his head, a trimmed beard covering his sharp jawline. Blood dripped from his cheeks, and I instantly wondered if he’d been hurt.
The man who had come to kidnap me was the most handsome man I’d ever laid eyes on. But I vowed then and there to never fall prey to his charms, if ever he decided to enchant me with them. Although I hated my club, my father and Vex, I wasn’t a traitor. And falling for the enemy was the worst kind of sin to be committed in our ruthless, deadly world.
Shit, as far as I knew, he could be the Devil’s nephew, just as brutal and evil as my father and Vex.
Reaching forward, his hand was suddenly thrust into my personal space. Maybe if I close my eyes they’ll all go away. Maybe it’ll all be an awful dream, a nightmare I’ll soon wake up from. Shutting my lids tight, I squeezed my hands over my ears and drowned out the sounds in hope everything would return back to normal.
I’d never wished for my life more than I did right then, which was probably the saddest revelation I’d ever had.
S. Nelson grew up with a love of reading and a very active imagination, never putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard until 2013.

Her passion to create was overwhelming, and within a few months she’d written her first novel, Stolen Fate. When she isn’t engrossed in creating one of the many stories rattling around inside her head, she loves to read and travel as much as she can.
She lives in the Northeast with her husband and two dogs, enjoying the ever changing seasons.

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