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Book: Stung By Stealth
Series: A Satan’s Savages MC Novel #3
Author: KE Osborn
Cover Design: Swish Design & Editing

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My name is Stealth. 
A man torn in two opposing directions. 
I'm an undercover cop infiltrating the Satan's Savages MC. 

My name is Skye. 
I'm a club girl. 
This is the life I know, but I long for something simpler. 

My name is Hannah. 
I am alone. 
The wife of a man who is never here, a ghost in the wind. 

Going undercover forced Stealth and Hannah into a separation. Their marriage left in tatters. Throwing himself into his new identity as Stealth - bad boy biker of the Satan's Savages MC club - plunged him straight into the arms of club girl, Skye. 

But with the Cartel on the club's back and danger at every turn, can Stealth truly turn on the brothers he loves. Will he give his 
Unit the intel they need, putting his career before his brothers? 

Will it be the club, Skye, or Hannah, who is Stung by Stealth? 

Warning - Stealth's story is not a happy one. It's not full of undying love and happy ever after's. There's blood, turmoil and lives lost. If you're expecting hearts and flowers, it may be best not to read on.

What Others Are Saying

There were twists, there were turns, there was drama, humour, action, some sexy time and that ending!... I was not expecting that at all. ~ MJ’s Book Blog

All I have to say upon completing Stung by Stealth is WELL DONE, K.E. Osborn. Stung by Stealth is one of the best MC books I have read in a long time a definite 5+ star read. I am still in shock over the ending. ~ Alpha Book Club

OMFG what an amazing book! It contained everything needed to make one hell of an MC story!!! ~ Ladies Of Love Book Blog & Graphics

OMFG!! I Love This Book, Couldn't Get Into It In The Beginning But When I Did BOOM!!!! I Was Hooked. ~ She’s A Lip Biter

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Skye glides down the hall and spots me.
“Hey handsome, you okay?” 
Sighing, I shake my head. “Nope.”
She frowns and grabs my hands facing me. “What’s wrong?” 
I don’t even know where to start. How about—I’m infiltrating your clubhouse, and I have to take down the brother’s I’ve grown to love. I miss my kids and wife, and yet somehow I feel like I’m falling for you too, which is only making things harder. I don’t want to betray anyone and yet I feel like, in the end, I’m going to betray everyone. Yeah, how do I explain that?
“I miss my kids,” I choose to tell her instead. 
She nods and presses her forehead against mine. “I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do?” 
I shrug. “Make my kids appear out of thin air?” 
She giggles and nods. “Your wish is my command.” 
The bathroom door opens and Jackson walks out. “I’m here.” 
Skye backs up and her mouth drops open. “Please tell me that’s not one of yours? ‘Cause if it is, I swear to God I didn’t conjure him up.” 
Throwing my head back laughing at the sheer awesome timing of that, I shake my head. “No gorgeous, this is Jackson. He’s Nikita’s kid. I’m watching him for her while she talks to Lookout.” 
She slumps her body and nods taking a deep breath. “Oh thank God, ‘cause I thought for a second there that I was doing something I didn’t know I could. You know, super-powers and all that.” 
Smiling, I pull her to me and kiss her forehead. “God you’re cute. No, that was just impeccable timing.” 
“So I get the whole missing your kids thing now. When you’re finished babysitting, if you want to talk I’m here. I’m always here.” 
Smiling at her, I nod. “Thank you, that means a lot.”

***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Jacquie / Scandalous Book Blog***
This is the third book in the series and features Stealth one of the new prospects from the last book.
From the start we know That Adam Donovan is an undercover police officer trying to infiltrate the Satan’s Savages. His sole aim is to get enough info on the MC to close them down and bring the members to justice. 
However Adam has a problem, the longer he’s deep under the more he gets to like his brothers and gets submerged into all their shady activities.
While we watch Stealth juggle both worlds including his attraction to one of the club girls and the love of his wife it becomes obvious he’s suffering from an ethical dilemma 
In fact Stealth has to make two difficult decisions to make both of which could change his life.
I'm not going to talk about the book much more as I don’t want to spoil it, but the plot was unique and the book very well written and made you think. I also liked the way it tied the three books together but left lots of unanswered questions so the reader is excited about the next book. 

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Australian author K E Osborn was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. With a background in graphic design and a flair for all things creative, she felt compelled to write the story brewing in her mind.

Writing gives her life purpose. It makes her feel, laugh, cry, and get completely enveloped with the characters and their story lines. She feels completely at home when writing and wouldn’t consider doing anything else.

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