Author Interview : Aleatha Romig

 We are so excited to bring you this interview and we would like to thank Aleatha for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer some of our questions.

Aleatha Romig is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who lives in Indiana. She grew up in Mishawaka, graduated from Indiana University, and is currently living south of Indianapolis. Together with her high-school sweetheart and husband of twenty-eight years, they've raised three children. Before she became a full-time author, she worked days as a dental hygienist and spent her nights writing. Now, when she’s not imagining mind-blowing twists and turns, she likes to spend her time with her family and friends. Her pastimes include reading and creating heroes/anti-heroes who haunt your dreams

Tell us a little about yourself, Perhaps something not many people know?

Im the mother of 3 adults. We have one granddaughter who just turned one. We enjoy

travel, but Im becoming a homebody as of late. I like wine-- too much. And I adore a


If you could spend time a character from your book whom would it be, And what

would you do during that day? 

I spend untold hours with all my characters...if they were real, I'm not sure how well we

would get along. They are too much like me. lol

What is the toughest criticism given to you as an author?

Ive received some wonderful constructive criticism. It has been helpful in my

development as an author. I have also received truly "mean" comments that do nothing

more than insult and injure. A book is a work of the heart. My work isn't for everyone, but

being cruel isn't constructive.

What gives you inspiration for your book(s)?

My inspiration can come from anywhere. It can be a billboard, a lady on her porch rocking

her baby. It can be a TV show or a movie. Even a line in a book. Inspiration can hit when I

least expect it.

Would you ever become a member/employee for infidelity?

No! First, no one would want me to be an employee. husband for 30 years is

enough for me. No need to be a client! (However, I feel it is a very plausible business

with today's makes sense without all the emotional attachment)

Are your characters based off real people or did they all come entirely from your


At first, in Consequences, there was more of a basis on real or fictional people. Now, they

are completely based on imagination. I create them, then they take over. They come to

life in my mind and all I do is tell their story.

Could you tell us a bit about your most recent book and why it is a must-read? 

I just finished writing Entrapment, book 4 of the Infidelity series. It is a MUST read

because you MUST find out what happens next with Nox, Charli, Adelaide, and Oren, Suzy

and Alton, Bryce and Chelsea....there is so much happening and so many answers in this

book, but still questions!

Of all the characters you have created, which is your favorite and why?

Tony and Claire will always remain special. They were my first.

What is the biggest surprise that you experienced after becoming a writer?

I am surprised and love how personal readers are today. I was a big John Grisham and

Greg Isles fan, but I never would have emailed them. I love the positive notes and stories

of encouragement. I love hearing how my books have inspired someone.

Do you have a day job in addition to being a writer? If so, what do you do during the


No longer. For 30 years I was a dental hygienist. I left my position of over 20 years in

August of 2013. This is my 3 year anniversary of being unemployed!

Which of your characters would you A)Snog, B) Marry, c) Avoid?

Snog - Nox. Marry - Jacob, Avoid- Tony (we wouldn't see eye to eye)

If you were to team up with another author to write a book who would it be?

I've spoken to a great friend of mine about doing that, but I don't think it will happen. I'm

too impulsive and too much of a control freak (Note: similarities between me and Tony) I

think I'm destined for singular authorship.

What do your friends and family think of your writing?

They think it's "cute" and "nice". I dont think most of them believe I actually work.

How did you come up with the title of your books? 

The Consequences titles were titles of content. I came up with the Infidelity titles before writing

the books...they sounded good together. Insidious fit. And the Light and sounded


What book are you reading now? 

A Player for a Princess by Tia Louise. I was on vacation and last week I read: Pennies by

Pepper Winters, Jed Had to Die by Tara Sivec, and A Prince and a Player by Tia 

Louise...I'm very eclectic in my reading!

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing? 

Keeping up with the schedule I laid out for myself. I know readers want books sooner, but

writing, editing and formatting in four months -- a full length, 100+K word novel, is 


Anything you would like to say to your readers and fans?

Thank you!! Thank you for spending your money and time with me and my books. Thank

you for loving my characters and stories. Thank you for being intelligent enough to

understand my twists and turns and not wanting cookie cutter stories. Thank you for your


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