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August 23, 2016

Heather Dahlgren

Brooklyn Adler has the life she’s planned for. Job, house, boyfriend – in that order. It’s a boring, routine life were there are no surprises and nothing is spontaneous. It’s safe, it’s mundane and she’s fine with that.

Crosby Fitzgerald, better known as Fitz from the band Renegade, has a life he never planned for. Popularity, women and success – not always in that order. Everything he does is spontaneous and exciting, because life is worth living to the fullest.

A chance meeting with Brooklyn and Fitz begins to alter both of their worlds – ensuring neither will ever be the same.

Exclusive Excerpt:
I turn to walk to the gate and I hear, “Wait. Brooklyn, wait.” I turn around and see Fitz, running full speed toward me and I cover my mouth with my hand. I look at Poopy and she shrugs her shoulders. “I swear I had no idea.” Fitz reaches me and holds onto the top of my arms, breathing heavily. “Brooklyn, stay. The thought of you leaving is killing me, I can’t bare it. I want you here, with me.” Tears running down my cheeks, I look into his blue eyes and my heart shatters in my chest. The hope I see in them makes this the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. “I can’t Fitz. I have to go.” “You don’t get it do you? We may not have crossed any lines physically, but my heart did. I fell for you Brooklyn,” he says and starts to move in for a kiss. I step back and shake my head as I try to contain a sob. “I can’t. I’m so sorry Fitz.” I can’t wait for him to reply because I am so close to letting him convince me that this is where I belong. So with my heart broken, my stomach in my throat and the best parts of me left behind with Fitz, I walk through the gate that will take me back to where I came from.

Heather Dahlgren writes Contemporary Romance, sprinkling each book with a bit of humor, a lot of naughty and true love. She self-published her first book in 2014 and continues to do so today. Her over active mind promises the stories are in no short supply. Heather grew up and still resides at the Jersey shore. She loves being so close to the Atlantic Ocean and the Pine Barrens. She is surrounded by the best of both worlds.She is married to her high school sweetheart and has three kids. There is nothing more important in the world to her then her family. When Heather isn’t writing you can find her getting lost in a great book, spending time with family and helping her fellow authors.

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Not only did Heather provide me with a fantastic story that was a complete page turner, she also gave me a new book boyfriend!!!
Their story was , sweet, passionate and raw and I found myself lost in the pages. 

Brooklyn Alder is content to live her live following the road of boring, everything is so structured. Her job, boyfriend, house and day to day living is groundhog day, nothing ever changes.
When Brooklyn is offered a chance to meet up with her best friend Poppy, she agrees to go and live a little. Poppy is the manager of a band called Renegade and she is about to be introduced to a whole different world.

Crosby 'Fitz' Fitzgerald is the lead singer of a band and he is living the dream. Not looking to settle down he enjoys his time with the groupies and not answering to anyone. But when he sees Brooklyn for the first time he is swept away. There is something about the beauty before him that has his heart beating faster and his mind working overtime.

Fitz is very set on having her for himself but Brooklyn is adamant that nothing will happen she has a boyfriend back home. Fitz and Brooklyn share a chemistry that sets fires and even though they are both respectful of the relationship she is already in their bond grows stronger. Fitz shows her things she could only dream of but he also lets it be known that anything is possible if you follow your heart. With Brooklyn's trip coming to an end they both have some big choices to make but will they be the right ones and who will be left with a broken heart?

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