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Kristen Proby is known for writing heartfelt characters with deep connections and sizzling passion. In her brand new Fusion Series from William Morrow, she seduces readers’ senses with the sexy, contemporary romance in which five best friends open a hot new restaurant together. Today, we are thrilled to bring you CLOSE TO YOU, the second book in the Fusion Series! CLOSE TO YOU brings readers the next story in this amazing cast of characters. Pre-order your copy of CLOSE TO YOU today and check out the special offer below!

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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kristen Proby comes the second novel in her sizzling Fusion series.

Camilla, “Cami,” LaRue was five-years-old when she first fell in love with Landon Palazzo. Everyone told her the puppy love would fade—they clearly never met Landon. When he left after graduation without a backward glance, she was heartbroken. But Cami grew up, moved on, and became part-owner of wildly popular restaurant Seduction. She has everything she could want...or so she thinks.

After spending the last twelve years as a Navy fighter pilot, Landon returns to Portland to take over the family construction business. When he catches a glimpse of little Cami LaRue, he realizes she’s not so little any more. He always had a soft spot for his little sister’s best friend, but nothing is soft now when he’s around the gorgeous restauranteur.

Landon isn’t going to pass up the chance to make the girl-next-door his. She’s never been one for romance, but he’s just the one to change her mind. Will seduction be just the name of her restaurant or will Cami let him get close enough to fulfill all her fantasies?

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“Are you going to write this down?”  
“I’m making notes,” I reply, and tap my head, indicating that I’ll remember what she says.  
“Well, that’s comforting,” she mumbles, and turns away, making me smile. Cami has always been funny. She’s giving and kind, and we once had a special friendship. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t want her. Had she been a couple of years older, there was a time when I would have pursued her romantically, but then I went into the Navy, and she got married, and life carried on. It’s not right for a man to continue to call and send letters to a married woman, no matter how much it kills him that she belongs to another man. So we drifted apart.  
Suddenly she stops pacing, links her fingers nervously together, and sighs. “Landon, I wanted to thank you for coming home when Mom and Daddy died.”  
I stare at her for a moment, then shake my head, shove my hands in my pockets, and shuffle my feet. “You don’t have to thank me for that.”  
“Yeah, I do.” She nods. “It was a weird time, and having you here was . . . well, comforting.”  
“I’m glad. How are you?”  
“Better,” she says, and smiles. “A lot has happened in the few years since then.”  
It’s been a few years? I had no idea. Time sure goes fast.  
“The restaurant keeps all of us busy.” She takes a deep breath and looks around the empty space.  
“Speaking of, I think a row of booths, like the existing ones we have, would be beautiful over here,” she says, gesturing to the far wall. She continues to share her vision, her eyes shining with excitement.  
She’s professional and animated, and I can’t look away from her. I never could. The dimple in her cheek winks when she grins, talking about the need for a larger storage space in the back. Her hair is up in a simple ponytail, and she’s in jeans, sneakers, and a sweatshirt.  
She still looks sixteen.  
But when she turns, and her sweatshirt molds against her body, she’s anything but a kid. She's all woman.  
Beautiful, stunning, amazing woman.  
“Seriously, you’re not paying attention to me,” she grumbles.  
“Oh, I’m paying attention,” I reply. Maybe not the way she wants, but I’m paying attention. “How are you and the cat getting along?”  
She frowns. “He’s taken over my house.”  
“He likes you. You’re a likable girl.” I shrug and watch as her frown deepens, then she shakes her head.  
“We’re talking about work.”  
“I think, for the first meeting, we did good,” I reply, and glance about the room. “What used to be in here?” 
“A toy store,” she replies. “I guess most people buy stuff online these days.”  
“I think I can raise the ceiling in here,” I say, studying the drop ceiling. “I can make it match your existing ceiling, open it up a bit.”  
“Good. I don’t know why they made it lower.”  
“Probably to save on heating costs.”  
“Raising it will be much better.” She’s nodding, hands on hips, slowly sauntering around. “Can we match the floors too?”  
“That shouldn’t be a problem.”  
“Awesome.” She pauses, smiles, and claps her hands. “I’m so excited!”  
“Even if I’m your contractor?” I ask, and reach out to tug on her hair, but she ducks out of my way.  
“I guess I can deal with you.”  
“You like me.” The crush she’s had on me since we were kids has never been a secret. I managed to keep mine hidden, but Cami never did.  
“You’re okay.” She shrugs and chuckles, and for the first time that I can remember, she’s not looking at me with that sparkle in her eyes, and I’m not sure what to do about that. Or if I even should do anything about that.  
But I fucking miss it.

***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Naomi / Scandalous Book Blog***

I loved this book, and I loved the fact that except from them not initially getting together their relationship was easy and pretty much drama free. For me that just added to the point that they were meant for one another from the very beginning. I loved the chemistry between this couple. 

Landon and Cami had a special friendship many years ago, It always just came easy. Cami was in love with Landon but he never showed that he felt the same even though if he was true to himself he very much did. When Landon left to join the Navy Cami was heart broken. Having to live a life without the man she loves she battled on and even tho no man would ever compare to her lost love.

Landon is home after being discharged from the Navy after an accident and he has his sights set on Cami. He knew he should of confessed his feelings years ago but he wanted Cami to experience life and grow as a person. Now he has the chance to make this girl his and he will stop at nothing until he succeeds.

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And Don’t Miss the First Novel in the Fusion Series, LISTEN TO ME!

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About Kristen Proby: New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Kristen Proby is the author of the bestselling With Me In Seattle and Love Under the Big Sky series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong, humorous characters with a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type; fiercely protective and a bit bossy, and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves. Kristen lives in Montana, where she enjoys coffee, chocolate and sunshine. And naps. 

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