Title: LaClaire Touch
An After Hours Novel
Author: Dori Lavelle
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 31, 2017
When a man pays for my body, I shut off my emotions, close my eyes, and force myself to push through. No thinking. No feeling. No breaking apart.

Soon the debts will be paid. Soon I'll scrub their cologne and sweat from my skin and walk away from this business for good, pretending it never happened.

For now, my body is not my own. For now, I belong to any man who can afford me.

But when Derrick LaClaire asks for a night with me, I turn him away, even when he offers to pay triple what I earn per hour. I need his cash, but if I let him touch me, I know I'll break every single one of my rules. And he'll discover who I really am.

LaClaire Touch is a steamy full-length, standalone novel with a happy ending.

**WARNING: Due to sexual situations and adult content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. **

***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Michelle / Scandalous Book Blog***

Title: LaClaire Touch
Author: Dori Lavelle
Stars: 5

Giving 5 stars to this book was the easiest I have done for a while. The author touches on a sensitive subject and does so brilliantly. I love a book that can grip you from the start and this book definitely does this. So well written and the pace of the book was perfect. I wont reveal any spoilers but I can say that I was not expecting that ending ! Highly recommended 

Brooke has been through so much heartbreak but she is determined to get her life on track and pushes for her dreams, even if it means working at The Mirage entertaining clients, it revolts her, she hates it although she is treated well and the money is good, its temporary, she tells herself this every day. Brooke is a strong independent woman and knows what she wants for her future. She has hit rock bottom and the only way can be up, she is dealing with her past and trying to move forward from all the hurt when an unexpected client is about to turn her life upside down and bring the past right back to the present.

Derrick is love them and leave them kind of guy, commitment is not for him, always chasing the next thrill he never stays in the same place for long. His loyalty to his family though is his first priority, he can never be thankful enough that the LaClaire family adopted him. He hasn't had it easy and loosing his parents really hit him hard. Before he leaves for Spain he chases a quick thrill at The Mirage, little did he realise how this was going to change his future. " Ruby " ran from him ! He has never had a woman run from him especially one he is paying for !! He wasn't pissed off like he thought he would be, he was intrigued and knew he would be returning for her again.

Brooke and Derricks story is full of heartbreak,hard truths and confessions. Derrick knew he never treated woman well but Brookes reaction to him makes him think twice about what he has done to her. Brooke cant forgive him for what he done but Derrick really doesn't know the full extent of what he has done. The truth is about to hit them both hard.


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Dori Lavelle, is a mother, wife, and a sucker for happy-ever-afters and mint chocolate. 

Growing up, Dori read a lot, and when she wasn't happy with a particular ending, she wrote a different one, just for herself. Before long, she was writing stories when she should have been doing homework. The time has come for her to share the stories she cooks up in her head.


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