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One brief encounter.

One moment in time that changed their lives forever.

Jensen Causer is a single father of twin teenagers. He has sworn off relationships after the damage his ex-wife caused him and their kids. Jensen hires Max and Sarah to remodel the twins’ bedrooms, and add a much-needed bathroom to give him some peace; but moving in with his parents during construction brings out so much of the past that Jensen must realize he needs to face head on.

Can Jensen put his heart back together but help his children heal too?

It has always been the three of them, Sarah, Max, and Abby; but everything has changed since their big move to a new city. Sarah Edwards feels like an outsider in her own life. When a clumsy tumble down the steps changes Sarah’s friendships and life forever. While Sarah is faced with the biggest choice of her life and filled with fear of a future she can’t control, she finds refuge in a friendship she didn’t expect.

Can Sarah let down her walls?

Can Jensen and Sarah find happiness in the paths they chose?

Does opening yourself up and relying on someone else make you stronger and whole or does it shatter yourself?

***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Naomi / Scandalous Book Blog***

This story captured my heart and filled me with hope. The characters were well developed and the story line has a nice flow to it.

Strangers with an instant connection leads to a one time thing in the on call room.

Now Sarah finds herself pregnant and even though she knows the father is the doctor she had a hot session with, she doesn't know his name. Not only has she fold herself pregnant but after a fall she has broken her leg and is now living with her best friend/business partner Max and his partner. Making the best out of a bad situation, she makes a box of memories every day throughout her pregnancy to show the father if they ever reconnect and she also throws herself into her work. Her client at the moment if Max's friend Jensen who is trying to improve his home for his children starting off with their rooms.

Jensen is a single father to twin teenagers, life hasn't always been easy since his ex wife upped and left them when the children were 2, trying to juggle his work as a doctor, bringing up his kids and trying to have a life of his own but he has a strong network of people around him who help ease the load. Looking at making some home improvements he asks his friend Max for help.  One afternoon in the on-call room with a hot blonde changes things for him, being paged and having to run off quick, he doesn't get her name but he continues to search for her at every turn.

Jensen and Sarah are yet to meet face to face but over the space of time that she is designing the renovations and after his children spend time with her, they form a bond. What starts as friendship slowly leads to real feelings. Looking forward to speaking on the phone and receiving texts proves that this couple need to meet face to face and soon.

Sarah hasn't had the easiest pregnancy and has found herself on bed rest for most of it. Whilst at the hospital for a check up, Sarah goes into labor. Struggling to get through he pain and left alone in the hallway she reaches out to Jensen for help and support. 

When Jensen arrives to help they are both shocked to see one another and realist that they have met before....She is the blonde and he is the sexy doctor from the on-call room!

It doesnt take a rocket scientist to work out dates and who the father is and Jensen isnt best pleased....

Can these two get a HEA???

Jaime Russell grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania but currently resides in a smaller town in Indiana. She lives in the country with her husband, two dogs and cats. The stepmother to four adults, aunt to two crazy nephews, and oldest child in a family of five, life has never been dull for Jaime. 

Jaime enjoys reading, watching movies, shooting guns and spending time with family and friends. She is an avid gamer when her internet permits as she enjoys talking and goofing off with her online family.

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