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Welcome to the ALPHA HOT series by bestselling author Lisa Lang Blakeney, about three brothers who claim their women without apology. All interconnected stand-alone romance novels. Enjoy! 


★★★★★ Finally!! A really bad boy novel that makes no apologies! -Amazon Reviewer

Camden King Is My Cocky, Badass, Boss And He's Coming For Me...
I work for him.
But I can't stand him.
I slept with him once.
And he never lets me forget it.
He thinks he can take me again…and again…and again.
But he can't…I won't let that happen.
I just have to last thirty days to prove it to him.
And hopefully I can last..

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***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review -Michelle/Scandalous Book Blog***

Title: Claimed By a King
Author: Lisa Lang Blakeney
Stars: 4

There is something about a man that knows what he wants and will do anything to get it, whether you want it or not!
Camden is a very hot alpha male, he doesn't take no for an answer and you do not deny him what he wants! Jade has been working for the King brothers for a while and as hot as she thinks the King brothers are there is no way she is going there with either on them. Camden is going to claim his woman, the chemistry has gone from sizzling to boiling and it cant be denied for much longer and he wasn't going to let it !

Jade is stubborn and feisty and not instantly likable as a character but it does work well in the end, she is determined to keep Cam at arms length but it was a battle and she is struggling to win. Camden is possessive and Jade's flirting is going to get her into trouble. Jade doesn't have much choice when it comes to Cam although she puts up a good fight to begin with but my god when their chemistry hits its on fire !

Must admit I didn't really expect the story to go the way it did near to the end and surprised me seeing as Cam is so possessive. There are parts of the book that never really gave full conclusions but maybe this will come in the books to follow. It was a fast paced story but I like that in a book and kept me turning the pages. If you like bad ass characters you will enjoy this book!


★★★★★ All Hail The King! - Amazon Reviewer
There's something about Cutter King that reminds me of every bad relationship I've been in and every bad decision I've ever made… 
He’s desperately good looking, but he knows it. 
He's built sturdy and strong like a tank, but he's reckless. 
He looks like every woman's fantasy, yet for me he’s a nightmare.
Too bad I owe him big time.
And now he’s moved in next door to collect.

***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review -Michelle/Scandalous Book Blog***

Title: Indebted to a king
Author: Lisa Lang Blakeney
Stars: 4

This is the second book of the King Brother Series, Cutter is just as hot as his brother! They are demanding and domineering and what they want is what they get. Cutter is usually a one night stand kind of guy, woman flock to him so he has no issues with being lonely at night. He is a typical bad boy! When he sets his sights on Sloan aka " Glamazon " he has a good fight on his hands, she is not like the other woman that he usually takes to his bed each night, changing his ways for her isn't an easy task for him but he knows she is worth it.
Sloan is a strong woman and  Cutter is a bad boy  that she needs to stay away from, although her body is telling her differently. You cant deny chemistry and theirs is sizzling hot! As Cutter fights for her there is plenty of banter between them and of course lots of drama!

Loved this book just as much as Claimed by a King, a fast paced great read. Now to find out more about the "other Brother" in the 3rd part of the series!

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★★★★★ Sinfully Hot! -Amazon Reviewer
First he lied to me.
Then he seduced me.
Now he’s broken me.

I knew him as a boy, but now the boy is back—a hardened criminal.
Big as hell. Blindingly beautiful. Sexy as sin.
Dripping with attitude. Covered in ink.
And carrying a colossal chip on his shoulder.

I want to keep my distance. 
Needing to protect myself and my virginity. 
He’s awakening parts of me that I never knew were dormant. 
Ruining me for any other man.

I should have known that nothing this good would be healthy for me.
He’s a liar. A thief. A convict. A deviant.
I need to walk away from this man who’s breaking me piece by piece.
Only my heart is not cooperating.
***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review -Michelle/Scandalous Book Blog***

Title: Broken by a  king
Author: Lisa Lang Blakeney
Stars: 4

This has got to be my favourite of the King Series, Stone and Ariana story is a real Cinderella tale. Although there is nothing soft about Stone! His life spiralled out of control when he lost Jack and ended up doing time.  He was the quiet and broody type of guy but he is just as Alpha when he needed to be. Being released from prison didn't really give him the freedom he expected, Jacks friend Nate has taken him in, Nate's daughter is not quite how Stone remembers her, she is no longer the little girl he used to babysit, in place was this woman who he needs to stay away from before he breaks her. Stone needs to repay his debt , he has 2 choices, steal the money to repay this or break the girl he is falling in love with and risk loosing everything !

Loved Stone and Ariana, their chemistry was instant. Ariana loved to hate stone , he wasn't making it easy for her to like him although he was slowly making his way into her heart just as much as she was worming her way into his! This is a real page turner and the way the story unfolds ! once again another brilliant book from this author. 


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I grew up in Philadelphia an only child gorging myself on daytime soaps, night time dramas, and romance novels. I write about strong alpha men and the smart women they seek to claim, and I tend to favor continuing storylines and sagas, although I will write a stand-alone novel when inspiration strikes.
I wrote my first novel COUSINS because I enjoy stories that contain something a bit taboo, alpha men, lots of dirty language, and mature content … so be warned:) If this sounds like the type of novels you enjoy too, then I’m the writer for you.
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