Book Blitz: The Other Woman
by Noell Mosco


"Introvert: a person whose motives and actions are directed inward, who tends to be preoccupied with their own thoughts and feelings, and minimizes their contact with other people." That defines Allyn Anders to a T. She prefers solitude to crowds, working from home to office life, and old music to popular music. Ally, as she prefers to be called, is never one to do anything out of her bubble of comfort until one night ...

One night that changes everything.

Cole Clarke is the opposite of an introvert. Hell, he's the lead singer and guitarist of Sunday Told A Secret, a band that makes Maroon 5 look like child's play. He's the band's "bad boy," only accepting the title because "loner" and "player" are already claimed by his bandmates, Gunner and Avis.

The night Ally meets Cole is a pure chance encounter. There's an immediate attraction and the best part? Ally has no idea who Cole is and he kind of loves that.

Fate has more plans that just one night for Cole and Ally. Cole finds that he wants more from Ally, and he wants to give more to her in return. There's only one problem -- he's married -- and his alcoholic wife issues him a new level of misery he never expects.

These two thirty-somethings have spicy chemistry that's impossible to resist, decisions to make, messy waters to navigate, and blind faith to trust in this contemporary romance that a hint of rock star flair.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
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***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Michelle / Scandalous Book Blog***

Cole is a typical looking bad boy covered it tattoos and is a musician in a famous band ! You would think he would have the perfect life, very good looking, rich and a wife that was his childhood sweetheart, right ?...completely wrong, his home life is far from perfect, his wife is an alcoholic who is cheating on him and he takes every opportunity he can to stay away from home, the love he had for his wife was long gone but he cant see a way out, divorcing her would mean she gets half of everything he has worked for and she didn't deserve that ! 

Allyn ( AKA Ally ) was a girl who liked to keep her self to herself and avoided people as much as possible, she read books for a living and could chose to do this most days from home which suited her perfect, if she could avoid any form of human being she would ! 

When Ally walks into a local pub the last thing she expected was to be having a one night stand with a very hot looking guy !! This isn't what Ally does but somehow she couldn't resist the charms of this mysterious man.

Cole had been trying to stay hidden after his latest show, all he wanted was a quiet few drinks were he wasn't recognized for being Cole Clarke famous musician  for Sunday Told A Secret. What he didn't expect was the girl that just walked in the bar to bring him to his knees ! He was smitten immediately. Cole might of looked like he was a man that could any girl he wanted but he had always been faithful to his wife,,, until this night.

Both their lives were about to change and neither of them knew how to deal with all the emotions and the chaos it was going to cause, Ally comes from a simple life and she just cant deal with everything that is happening but doesn't know how she will live without Cole in her life after such a short time of knowing each other but Ally has to walk away, its too much for her.

Cole has completely fallen for Ally and is completely heart broken when Ally makes a decision that causes him to take action into his own hands, he has lost her but he isn't going down without a fight.

I absolutely loved this story right from the first few pages, its a real smitten at first sight love story, the sex scenes are off the wall and then some and there are a lot of them through out the book !! In a good one though obviously ! the characters are intense and so likable. The writing was perfect and the pace of the book worked really well and the flow of the story was great and kept you wanting more. Highly Recommend !  

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Noell Mosco is a thirty-something-year-old who lives in southwestern Pennsylvania, born and raised.  A country girl at heart, she currently resides in a suburb outside of Pittsburgh with her husband and three furbabies.  Writing has been one of Noell’s passions since she was young, completing her first “book” at age eleven.  Her full-time day job as a physical therapist means she is compassionate, which allows her to follow-up with her second biggest passion--traveling the world.  Noell reluctantly admits to having a strong love of wine, though her poison of choice is generally expensive tequila.

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