Title: Time’s Up!
Author: Vicki Green
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 20, 2017


What happens when your wealthy, pretentious Italian parents create a contract for you when you turned twenty-one and now a few years later you realize you only have nine months left to fulfill it.

The terms:
Must be married and pregnant by the age of twenty-five. 

The catch:
It has to be true love.

All stipulated in the contract. 

The problem:
Rica has no boyfriend.
She’s not easy.
She’ll be twenty-five in nine months. 

What’s NOT in the contract:
Her parents forgot to mention he must be Italian.

Well, at least there’s a little hope. Very little hope.

**This story is intended for 18+ readers.

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He’s headed for second base, giving me a wink. Cocky son of a.... I start running toward him, my hand outstretched with the ball, ready to tag his ass. God, what an ass. I’m a fairly fast runner since I jog all the time, but he starts pulling ahead, so I push harder. I start gaining on him and when he looks at the base, I know what he’s going to do. Just as he begins to slide.… I dive. 


I’d feel a little like gloating but when I look up from my position, his head is cocked to one side and he’s smiling widely. “Feel free to stay down there a while.” He winks. I feel the heat of my blush as I push myself back from having my face right between his legs. Just like his large muscles, his cock is freaking huge! And hard as a rock. He rubs his scruffy chin. “Uh, you might want to get that dirt off. Right about here.” I give him a dirty look.
***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Michelle / Scandalous Book Blog***

Rica's time is almost up,, its coming up to her 25th birthday and she needs to be sorting out her love life in time for this birthday,, its not just her 25th birthday its a deadline for her to fall in love and have a baby !! she has been on numerous scary failed dates, how on earth is she ever going to make this happen within the space of a few months. 

The Contract: Drawn up by her Italian parents ! If Rica manages to fulfill this contract she is due to inherit a lot of money!! This could be task impossible !! Strict parents and 4 older protective brothers are not going to make this easy for her. One bit of important information that the parents missed off the contract,,,, the person she falls for needs to be Italian.

Rica works with people less fortunate than her and is determined to get her hands on this money so she can continue helping charities that she supports.

Luke is "helping" at a charity event when he ends up with Rica in a compromising position, the minute he saw her he knew had to get to know the Italian beauty. He does in search of her to ask her out when he accidentally overhears Rica talking about "the contract" and knows he can help her in her quest. He manages to talk her into accepting his help, who wouldn't ? He was amazingly good looking, sexy and so sure of himself his arrogance was off the charts. Its easy to put on a front and that's what Luke does , hes hiding his past from Rica, there is no way she would be able to fall for him if she knew.

Things move very quickly, after all they are running out of time! ! Protective brothers and Luke's secretive pasts are soon catching up with them and threatening to blow the whole contract up.

This was a new author for me and I enjoyed the book, there was a lot of light hearted banter mixed with love and heartbreak. The story moved fast but went with the title so worked well. The characters were all love-able and who wouldn't love their own hero like Luke he has everything a girl could want. 

Author Bio

Best selling Author of Romance and Romance Suspense, Vicki lives in Kansas with her husband and two boys as well as their 3 dogs that rule their house. She loves spending time with her family and furbabies as well as reading.

Look for more exciting romance adventures in the future.

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