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Book: Fate
Author: KT Fisher
Series: Kings Of Rebellion MC #3
Genre: MC Romance
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If you haven’t read any previous books in this series, this blurb contains spoilers. 

Elise used to think that future was with Bomber, she thought she would become his Old Lady and live happily ever after with a few biker babies. However, Elise quickly had to accept that her dream was over when Bomber told her he was moving to America with his father. She accepted it, with tears and upset, absorbing the fact that her life would take another path that she originally dreamt. But Elise’s life dramatically changed when she was kidnapped by the Devil MC and there, in her horror was Bomber. He helped her family bring her back to safety with her new found friends, Lauren and Natasha. 
Now though, he’s decided to move back to England and re-join her father’s chapter. Bomber is back in her life and Elise has no idea how to manage that reality. Her brother, Scrappy doesn’t want her anywhere near him, but Bomber won’t let her go that easily. 
Elise may believe that what they long ago had is over, but he doesn’t. Bomber wants her back, and he’s making that very clear.

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I have been waiting for Fate for what feels like forever and I was not disappointed. I dont know the correct words to use do this story and the author justice. 

This was different to the MC books we have come to expect from Kellie, there was drama but it was less to do with the club and more to do with the people.
I fell in love with Bomber from the get go, protective, alpha and hot are just a few words I would use to describe him. He had the biggest heart and so much love for Elise it made me swoon. Elise was fun and feisty, but what she had been through had left her a little bent definitely not broken. My heart hurt when reading about this couple they were raw and passionate but could they get their HEA?

Bomber and Elise are solemate's, falling in love all them years ago only to have the chance of happiness ripped away from them before they ever really begun. 
When Bomber left the club and moved to America, he broke Elise heart. She had to learn to live without him and when all contact stopped she lost her way a little. 
Rebelling was her coping mechanism and that led her into a whole lot of trouble that finally found her back close to Bomber, but with Bomber undercover he couldn't save her straight away waiting for his brother to come and help left Elise open to more hurt.

Elise was saved by the club and is now home with her family and friends but Bomber is back too and emotions are running high.

Bomber wants a chance to redeem himself and make a future with Elise. 

The couple become close and everything is heading in the right direction...but Elise is hiding a secret, one she believes that when she tells him he will run and she will loose her heart for a second time. Putting it of time after time leaves her feeling guilty but she cant give him up she wants it all. All she has ever dreamed of is being his Ol Lady and having his children.

What is Elise's secret and will she finally reveal all to Bomber?
Can this couple go the distance?

The secondary characters in this story were also an added bonus, seeing the friends and family all come together through happy and sad times was breath taking. My favourite was Baby and his story is one that I will be stalking and hounding Kellie for!!!

 Michelle's review
Another great read from K T Fisher, I love getting an ARC from this author as you know you are never going to be disappointed and that you are going to fall in love with another member of the Kings Of Rebellions all over again !

Bomber and Elise's story isn't your classic love story , they have got a lot of history to deal with and to try to move on from  if they ever have a chance of the happily ever after.

Elise can not forgive Bomber from walking out of her  life and leaving her heartbroken at a young age, she never got over Bomber and has had to shield her heart from never getting hurt again and that includes from Bomber himself when he comes back into her life after helping rescue Elise from the Demon himself.

Bomber is not giving up, he will make Elise his old lady ! The chemistry between them hasn't faded in the absence of each other but secrets are hanging between them threatening any future they may have, Elise knows she has to come clean but she doesn't know how Bomber will cope with the truth of what she has been through, how will he still be able to love her once he knows ?

I loved Bomber and Elise story, I don't want to give away any spoilers so I cant go into any more detail but its a brilliant read that you wouldn't want to miss out on, the Kings Of Rebellions are one big family and you will love them all individually especially the HOT biker men and the way they protect their own will have you wanting a rebellion all for yourself !!

About The Author

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K.T Fisher is a British romance author. She was born and raised in Nottingham, surrounded by her family. Now, she has two daughters of her own and decided that she needed to live her dream to inspire her children. 
K.T Fisher mostly writes about hot, delicious men. Her books are packed with hot suspense and thrilling dangers, add her signature erotic scenes and you have a steaming romance that you have to read.
Ever since K.T Fisher released her first book, Rockstar Daddy she hasn't been able to stop and has since released many books that are loved by many. 

If K.T Fisher isn't writing, she has her head buried in a book. She loves to hear from you, so feel free to contact her.

Stalk KT Fisher

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