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Seeking Justice
(Justice #1)
Lexy Timms

Mar 30th - Apr 6th

From Best Selling Author, Lexy Timms, comes a billionaire crime romance that'll send your heart racing. 

Rachel Evans has the life most people could only dream of: the promise of an amazing job, good looks, and a life of luxury. The problem is, she hates it. She tries desperately to avoid getting sucked into the family business and hides her wealth and name from her friends. She’s seen her brother trapped in that life, and doesn’t want it. When her father dies in a plane crash, she reluctantly steps in to become the vice president of her family’s company, Syco Pharmaceuticals. 
Detective Adrien Deluca and his partner have been called in to look at the crash. While Adrien immediately suspects not everything about the case is what it seems, he has trouble convincing his partner. However, soon into the investigation, they uncover a web of deceit which proves the crash was no accident, and evidence points toward a shadowy group of people. Now the detective needs find the proof. 

To what lengths will Deluca go to get it? 

Seeking Justice is book one in the Justice Series. It will end on a cliff hanger.
Seeking Justice - bk 1
Finding Justice - bk 2
Chasing Justice - bk 3 

***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Naomi / Scandalous Book Blog***

This is a good start to a new series. The pages are full of deception, intensity and mystery. Whilst some questions were answered we were still left guessing with a massive cliffhanger. I enjoyed the dynamics of the story and character and am looking forward to reading the second book.

Rachel Evans comes from a wealthy family and whilst her dad and brother would love for her to join them in the family's pharmaceutical business she isn't interested. Rachel dosn't want to question why people are her friends, why men are interested in her etc she wants to earn her own money and live  a simple life. 

This all changes on the day of her fathers death, after receiving the call to say his plane went down over the ocean she chooses to go out and drink with her friends instead of going to her family. Drunk and unable to look after herself she is saved by a mystery man

Detective Aidrien Deluca and his partner are called in to investigate weather the recent plane crash was simply an accident or if any foul play was involved. After questioning the family and staff they are only left with speaking with the daughter, but she has yet to materialize.

When Aidrien returns to the Evan's home he is shocked to find the damsel he helped is none other than Rachel and they definitely have chemistry and a strong attraction.

All the evidence is point towards foul play but how is everything connected.

Finding Justice

 (Justice #2)

From Bestselling Author, Lexy Timms, comes a billionaire romance murder mystery that'll send your heart racing. 

Rachel Evans reluctantly steps in to become the vice president of her family’s company, Syco Pharmaceuticals when her father is murdered. After his death, and a sudden rise in billionaire’s being murdered, Rachel begins to suspect everyone, as does the lead detective assigned to the case. 

Detective Adrien Deluca and his partner, Chase Hunters, can’t seem to catch a break in the serial billionaire murders. When the case hits too close to home, Deluca steps back to let Chase lead the investigation. As time moves too fast and the evidence too slow, Deluca begins to worry that the girl he’s falling for might be the next victim. 

Can they catch the killer before it’s too late, and Rachel ends up the next victim? 

Finding Justice is book two in the Justice Series. It will end on a cliff hanger. 

I'm a dreamer, a big romantic dreamer who pulled up her jeans and sat down to put the story I had in my head to paper. Thus SAVING FOREVER was born... and shortly after THE UNIVERSITY OF GATICA series. My Historical Romance series, HEART OF THE BATTLE SERIES has just released and I'm currently working on a Billionaire series that'll steal your heart - BOSSES.

To find out a bit about me, my books and series, and other tidbits of interest (well, I hope you will find them interesting) follow me on Twitter and Facebook by clicking the buttons below. You can also visit my author page on Amazon! 



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