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Laura Rockford needs that big break that will move her journalism career from fluff pieces to serious news. When she stumbles across a bizarre murder scene in downtown Vegas, she finally gets her chance. Even more so when her older brother spills the beans that could implicate a video game programming genius. For once in her career Laura has a lead that the police don’t know about. She flings herself head-first into digging up everything she can to break the case, oblivious to any personal danger in confronting a possible killer. After all, how hard can it be to wheedle information out of a geeky reclusive computer nerd?
Mike McQuaid is anything but geeky–unless you consider a ruggedly handsome face and a sexy as hell male model body with a computer genius brain geeky. But he is reclusive – he has to be because he has a deep, dark secret and he can’t let anyone get close enough to discover it. Not even the hot little journalist that shows up at his penthouse begging for an interview.
With the body count rising and Laura and Mike’s attraction sizzling out of control, Laura does what any good journalist would do. She digs in even deeper. But she soon discovers that some secrets should stay buried and trusting the wrong person could have consequences much more deadly than just losing her heart.
This was a thrilling read filled with drama, suspense and an instant attraction I was hooked.
It was fast paced and hard hitting.There was never a dull moment. The characters were fun and likable and the plot was different from books I had read previously.

Laura is working as a journalist, all she wants is a big story so she can finally prove herself. After stumbling upon a crime sceene she is finally on to something. When she needs more intel she goes to the local police department only to be shot down so she turns to her older brother. He is quick to tell her that what she has found resembles a computer game and gives her details of the man responsible for the design.Laura is quick of the mark and knows she needs to speak to the man himself b ut this will be no easy task.

Mike is proud of his achievements, and is always looking for ways to improve his designs. He is no stranger to loss and being in the fireing line on more than one occasion he has demons from his past that he carries close to his heart. He lives his life pretty sheltered only letting a select few in. After recent events he is left a little shaken.

Laura plans to speak too Mike anyway she can, she knows he wont be to please to speak to a journalist so she comes up with the plan to play the part of a documentary maker. It soon becomes apparent to both of them that they share an attraction and their chemistry is through the roof. But with recent events of all these murders they are in a constant state of limbo. With 

Has Mike been framed or is he really the killer?
Has Laura fallen in love with a murdered?
What will be the final act ?  

Lee Anne Jones is the more romantic alter-ego of USA Today Bestselling Author Leighann Dobbs. As Jones, she writes heart thudding romantic suspense guaranteed to keep you up all night.
She lives in the lakes region of New Hampshire with her fishing obsessed husband, her feisty and loyal chihuahua and a cat that thinks she's the boss.

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