Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Book Blitz:
(Black Riders Motorcycle Club #1)
Roxie Odell
Mar 22nd - Mar 29th

A Steamy Hot Alpha Biker Romance Series 

Mariah Brannigan is as beautiful a woman as she is talented. Maybe that’s why she’s being stalked. When she and her band play at Baltimore bars frequented by the notorious Robinson Street Bikers, biker captain Nelson Primeaux will simply not take no for an answer.

Just when Mariah never wants anything to do with another biker again, a chance encounter with a Good Samaritan and off-the-hook hot biker by the name of Cody Dallas changes all that. He always seems to be at the right place and at the right time, namely in the middle of her heart, and saves her from Nelson’s clutches.

However, Mariah learns that Cody’s club, the Black Riders, are major rivals of Nelson’s very powerful club. When she hears Cody is a player with the ladies and his romantic courtship is just one play of many to rule the streets of Baltimore, she’s devastated.

Can the unbelievably good-looking and seemingly tender Cody Dallas prove to Mariah that he’s a biker with a true heart? 

Black Riders MC Series:

This is a steamy romance series, NOT erotica. All your questions may not be answered in book 1.

This was a quick steamy read that will keep you on your toes.
The Characters are a little under developed but I think that with time and more from this series they will continue to grow. Be prepared for the massive cliffhanger but the good news is we haven't got long to wait until #2

Mariah loves singing in the bars and clubs with her band, but sometime the attention it brings her isn't something to be desired. After telling Nelson a local biker NO she finds herself in trouble at every turn.Then one night it all  becomes a little too much stranded in the dark street on the rough side of town she finds herself scared but not alone so she calls the cops. 
It turns out that she has caught the eye of another local biker Cody, and he seems to turn up every time something goes wrong. It soon becomes very apparent that they have chemistry and connection that is hard to find...But Mariah must decide who is friend and who is foe. With too many things being a coincidence she finds herself questioning everyone and everything.

Steamy Romance author Roxie Odell brings you heat, steam and romance.

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